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What is the members area?

The members area is a dedicated online portal where all existing customers can make use to action most of their service requirements during their subscription with Exetel.

How can I access the members area?

The members area is accessible via

How can I login to the members area?

Along with service activation, you will be emailed with your user name and password required to access members facility area. If you have not received the login credentials yet, please check your nominated contact email address. Sometimes these emails may reach your Spam/Bulk folders for suspected Spam. You may also email via your nominated contact email address OR contact Exetel on 0280301000 (Option2) to obtain the login credentials .

1. Go to the Exetel web site -> You can use either the Customer Login appearing in the home page OR click the Members option at the bottom of the web page.

2. Enter the Username and the Password.

3. Click the Login button.


What can I action or request via the members area?

To briefly explain, the following services and facilities are available via the members area:

When can I access the members area?

Members area is accessible 24/7/365

Is there any fees for using the members area?

No, there is no charge to use members area for existing customers.

Is it safe for me to use the members area?

Yes, members area is a “secure” portal. Exetel suggests you change your password to a complex one soon after the initial login session.

Can I access the members area from any other location (other than my home computer)?

Yes, you can access the members area from any other location, but as a security option, you will first receive a PIN as a text message to your (nominated) mobile phone, which needs to be entered along with sign-in, to continue.

How do I change the password for the Member Facilities?

Please follow the steps outlined below in order to change the Password for your member facility.

1.Once you log in to your member facility, You may click on ‘My Details’ listed below the ‘Home’ button.

2.Select ‘Login Details’ tab.

3.Enter the ‘Old Password’ in the first text box provided.

4.Enter a new password to the second text box provided (Please make sure to use a secure password.).

5.Enter the same password again to the third text box provided. (This is to reconfirm the new password).

6.Finally click ‘Change’ for the changes to take effect.


How can I view my ADSL or Mobile or other service plan details?

You can view your current plan details from members facility area b following the steps shown below.


Contract date.jpg

Mobile/Mobile Broadband

800apx-Plan details.jpg

After clicking on view button, you can find your plan details such as;

How can I change my contact details from members facility area?

You can change your contact details from members facility area.

Go to My Details -> Personal Details

Here, you can find your current contact details. Make the changes and click on Make Change button.

Can I change my IP address from members facility?

You can change your IP address from the members facility area.

Go to My Details -> Change IP

Read the information, select I agree and click on change button.


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