ADSL1 Application Rejected - transmission loss too high

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A customer lodged a complaint on the basis that their ADSL1 application was rejected, and that they did not accept the explanation provided by Exetel staff.

On this occasion, the ADSL1 application was rejected on the grounds of ‘transmission loss too high’. The customer lived somewhat 7 kms from a local exchange.

Ultimately, the customer admitted & accepted that they did not fully understand all of the technical aspects of ADSL1 and generally just thought if they had a telephone line they could get ADSL1 and that Exetel simply did not wish to provide an ADSL1 to them.

(Source: Australian Communications and Media Authority )

‘The availability of ADSL is dependent on a number of factors, including the area in which you live, the quality of your existing phone line and the distance to your nearest telephone exchange.

To provide ADSL services, a customer's local exchange must be 'ADSL enabled'.

ADSL services also require an 'unconditioned' telephone line. Unconditioned means the telephone line that provides your current telephone service is continuous all the way back to the local exchange. In addition, the telephone line must not have any network conditioning devices or components that might modify its inherent electrical characteristics attached. If other network devices or components are attached, you will not be able to access ADSL services.

The distance to the local exchange will also affect the availability of an ADSL service. ADSL services are typically available to customers within approximately four kilometres of their local exchange.’


There is too much noise that interferes with the DSL signal. This could be caused by a number of factors including distance from exchange, and diameter of the copper path.