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All relocation related information is available <strong>[[Relocation | here]]</strong>  
All relocation related information is available <strong>[[Relocation | here]]</strong>  
==IP address==
===Can I get a static IP address for my ADSL connection?===
Yes, you can get a static IP address for your ADSL connection.
===Where can I change my IP address? ===
You can change your IP address by logging into your Members Account and navigating to My Details
[[Category:ADSL 1 - Telstra]]
[[Category:ADSL 1 - Telstra]]

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About ADSL1

What is ADSL1?

ADSL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, which is an internet connection that runs over the copper telephone line cables. An active fully working telephone line is required via a Telstra equipment line (The telephone line could be leased by a Telco but their supplier needs to be via Telstra) in order to obtain the ADSL1 service .

What are the differences between ADSL1 and ADSL2?

Apart from the obvious difference in speed, there are some other significant differences between the ADSL 1 and ADSL 2. Please visit From ADSL1 to ADSL 2 - What to Expect for more information.

ADSL1 Speed

What are the available speeds for ADSL1?

The available speeds for ADSL1 with Telstra are;

1500 kbps Down/256 kbps

8192kbps Down/384 kbps

For more details on ADSL1 speeds and plans please visit http://www.exetel.com.au/a_plan_pricing_new.php

What speeds can be expected on the ADSL1 8MB service?

Expected speed on the ADSL1 8MB service should be reaching 1200kbps as the minimum. This will vary depending solely on the distant from the exchange, quality of the copper, the copper length and age of the copper. Not all customers will be able to get the maximum theoretical 8192/384 ADSL1 line speed.

Does the ADSL1 speed depend on the distance from the exchange?

Distance from the exchange only matters for the 8192kbps/386kbps ADSL1 connections. All the other ADSL1 speeds are unaffected.

Is dial up connection quicker than the ADSL1 connection?

No, dial up connection is not quicker than ADSL1 connection.

Which service is faster, ADSL1 or ADSL2?

ADSL2 allows for a connection to achieve faster speeds, however there are limitations. For example if you are residing far away from the exchange this will make your speed slower. The only exception is that you should get at least 1500kbps/256kbps.

ADSL2 uses a high frequency and a more complex signal to obtain higher speeds than ADSL. This makes it much more sensitive to noise, crosstalk and attenuation on your phone line. Think of ADSL as being a truck and ADSL2 as a sports car – ADSL1 will be slower, but more reliable over time.

Applying for ADSL1

How do I check availability for ADSL1?

To check ADSL1 availability with Telstra, please lodge an application by using https://www.exetel.com.au/order_service/residential_transfer_form.php If the service cannot be provided to you, you will be notified within 3 business days as soon as we get the confirmation from our supplier. If not we’ll proceed with the order to activate the service. In this case, applicable charges will be charged within 3 business days from the time you place the order.

Alternatively, you may contact our sales division to check for adsl1 service availability with Telstra.

What are the currently available ADSL1 plans?

You can apply for an ADSL 1 and Telephone Bundled plan


Sign up for a Stand Alone ADSL1 plan with Telstra.

  • For Bundle : If you currently do not have an active telephone line, you may activate it with us or transfer your existing telephone line.

Please visit http://exetel.com.au/a_plan_pricing_new.php for new plan details.

  • You can find more information on telephone here

What are the prerequisites to obtain the ADSL1 Service?

To obtain ADSL1 service with Telstra, your telephone exchange should be enabled with ADSL1 service .

To use ADSL1 service, you need to have an active phone line. If you don't have an active telephone line, Exetel can now activate both telephone and an ADSL based on the availability of the infrastructure at the local exchange.

How do I place an order for ADSL1?

You can order Exetel's ADSL1 services by accessing our online order form here or you may place an order by contacting Exetel Sales on 0280301000 or 1300 788 141.

Do I require an account number from my telephone bill to apply for ADSL1?

When you are applying for ADSL1, account number is only needed if you port your telephone line over to Exetel. It is not needed for a new ADSL1 application.

Am I able to install two ADSL1 services on my telephone line?

No, you can't have two ADSL1 services on a single telephone line.

ADSL 1 Activation Process

What is the ADSL1 activation process?

ADSL1 activation process has several steps that need to be completed once you have submitted an ADSL application form to Exetel Limited. These steps can take from a few days to up to 10 working days if everything goes smoothly.

The steps that have to be taken to process your ADSL application are:

Step 1 - Exetel submits your application to the carrier

This is an automatic process that happens daily. Your online application is batched with all applications received up to 7pm each day and is sent in a file to ADSL Provisioning at the carrier.

Step 2 - Carrier administration confirms receipt of your application

Although Carrier ADSL Provisioning will receive your application within 24 hours of you submitting it there is a variable delay in the time it takes them to confirm they have received it. It is not unusual for this to take up to 4 working days.

Step 3 - Carrier administration asks carrier engineering to check for ADSL availability

Step 4 - The wholesale provider’s engineering then provides a planned activation date

Currently around 90% of the applications submitted by Exetel applicants are accepted by the wholesale supplier and a date for activating the service is given; this date is generally within 7 working days of the application date. Approximately 10% of applications for ADSL service are rejected to being too far away from the exchange or because the line is not suitable and can't be made suitable.

Step 5 - If your application is rejected the screen will display the reason for rejection

If your application is rejected, please review the reason for rejection. If you require assistance understanding the rejection reason, please contact Exetel at provisioning@exetel.com.au

Step 6 - Once your ADSL activation has been done a 'completion date' will be displayed

Once the activation of your ADSL line has been confirmed by you can plug in your modem and check that the 'Link' / 'ADSL' light is solid; if it is your ADSL service has been activated correctly by the wholesale provider and you can now connect to the Internet via ADSL.

How can I check my ADSL1 application status?

To check ADSL1 application status, check on the Application Status page of Exetel web site, once you receive the confirmation email.

How long does it take to activate an ADSL1 connection?

  • Stand alone ADSL1 services would take 3-5 business days.
  • For Bundled ADSL1 orders, it can take up to 10 business days.

How do I know when my ADSL1 service is ready?

You will be informed via email when your ADSL service is ready. Please make sure we have your latest email address on record. Alternately you can contact the provisioning department to confirm the activation.

What do I do if my ADSL1 application has passed the estimated activation date?

If the estimated activation date of your ADSL connection has passed, please contact the provisioning department and advise of the delay.

ADSL 1 Rejection Reasons

My ADSL 1 application got rejected saying “XDSL product with another provider”

It is very likely that you might have a fault codes on the line or your previous provider failed to remove the codes even if you never had ADSL with any provider. For fault codes, call your current line rental provider to remove. Then reapply again. For outstanding DSL product with another provider, you can either do the same by calling your current line provider to remove or you may simply submit a churn / transfer application.

My ADSL1 application is still being rejected even if I have an active phone line with Optus / AAPT

It is very likely that your phone line provider might have connected your phone service via non-Telstra equipment or the telephone service you are using is not a standard PSTN copper line service. Contact your line provider and request to change the line to compatible Telstra Network equipment and it has to be a standard PSTN copper line service.

Transfer/ Churn of ADSL1 services with Telstra

What is Rapid Transfer or Churn of ADSL1 services?

Transfer/Churn of an ADSL1 service means moving from one ADSL1 provider to another ADSL1 provider in the same infrastructure.

If an ADSL1 service moves over to OPTUS ADSL2 for example, this is not considered as a rapid transfer or churn as it is completely moving over to a different infrastructure. This explains why moving to ADSL2 has a different time frame to complete compared to an ADSL1 rapid transfer/churn.

I currently have ADSL service with another ISP, Can I transfer this to Exetel?

If you have ADSL1 service with another ISP and need to transfer it over to Exetel, your current provider should use Telstra network equipment and you will need to submit a churn/transfer application through the Exetel website.You can find the application here

Please note that your current provider may charge you for transferring away if you are in contract with them.

Would I be able to switch from ADSL2 AAPT to ADSL1?

It is not possible to downgrade your ADSL2 service from AAPT to ADSL1 service due to changes in supplier. You have to cancel the ADSL2 connection first and then apply for ADSL1.

How do I place a transfer or churn order for ADSL1?

To place a transfer/churn order for ADSL1, you need to fill the online order form for transfer/churn here

How long does it take to transfer or churn an ADSL1 connection to Exetel?

Transferring to ADSL1 with Exetel takes approximately four business days from the ordering date. You may nominate any date within 4 and 10 business days from the day you place the transfer/churn request. The connection with your current ISP needs to remain active until it's fully transferred to Exetel. Once the transfer is complete, it's always best that you contact your previous ISP to close the ADSL account with them.

What if I have submitted a new ADSL application instead of the application for churn?

If you have submitted a new application instead of a churn/transfer application, it will be evaluated during the system processing and identified there is existing programming on the line. Once they recognize the error they will advise us to resubmit a churn application on the following business day and notify the customer concurrently.

Plan Changes (Telstra to Telstra)

How can I change my ADSL plan with Telstra?

You may change your current ADSL plan over to one of the newly available plans through your member’s facility.

Go to Manage services >> ADSL/Fiber >> Change service section.

How long does it take to change the ADSL plans?

ADSL plan change will come in to effect with your next billing cycle.

How much is the ADSL plan change fee?

Plan change fee will be displayed in the member’s facility. This fee will change from time to time.

Is there a downtime for my current internet connection when I change ADSL plan?

There is no downtime for your current internet connection when you are doing a same carrier plan change as it is an automated process.

Will I be on a new contract when I change my ADSL plan?

Yes. There will be a new contract, whenever you change the plan

If there is a change in ADSL speed, when would it take place?

Speed will change within 2-3 working days after the plan change effective date.

ADSL1 Telstra Relocation

All relocation related information is available here

IP address

Can I get a static IP address for my ADSL connection?

Yes, you can get a static IP address for your ADSL connection.

Where can I change my IP address?

You can change your IP address by logging into your Members Account and navigating to My Details