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About ADSL2

What is Naked ADSL2?

Naked ADSL2 is an ADSL2 connection and does not provide an active phone line enabled. Simply it is a phone line that does not have voice facilities and provides only the internet service. Optus is the Exetel’s supplier for Naked ADSL2.

What are the differences between ADSL1 and ADSL2?

Apart from the obvious difference in speed, there are some other significant differences between the ADSL1 and ADSL2. Please visit From ADSL1 to ADSL 2 - What to Expect for more information.

Using Naked ADSL2 service

Can I get a Naked ADSL2 service from Exetel?

No. Exetel does not provide Naked ADSL2 services at the moment.

Can I use the telephone if I have a Naked ADSL2?

No,you can not use the telephone service with Naked ADSL2 service since the Naked ADSL2 service is designed to have just a dedicated ADSL2 connection.

Is there a new contract or extension of a contract for reactivating my telephone since I am on Naked ADSL 2?

Yes. Reactivating the telephone service for a Naked ADSL2 plan means you will be changing the plan to a bundled ADSL2 plan thus, you will start a new contract for 12 months.

Transfer/ Churn of Naked ADSL2 services

How can I transfer to Exetel by currently having a Naked ADSL2 service?

1. Lodge an application online via by picking Sign up for an Exetel ADSL2+ Bundle (existing/active phone number connected at premises)

2. Submit the application by providing a bogus telephone number as an active number but have to provide the correct billable account number where necessary (should be 14 digits)

3. Send an email to mentioning the bogus telephone number and your current providers DSL ID number. The format is usually THREE LETTERS, #, NUMBER (e.g.: EXE#0000000012345)

4. The service should be activated within 3-4 working days time with minimal downtime.

5.Once the activation is confirmed, contact the previous provider to close the account

ADSL2 Naked Optus Relocation

How can I relocate my naked ADSL2 connection with Optus?

Please refer the below table to find information on relocation of Naked ADSL2 service with Optus. Please note that you can not have a naked ADSL2 connection at the new location as Exetel does not proved Naked ADSL2 services anymore. All prices are subject to change, so refer to your Member Facility for more information.

To ADSL1/ADSL2 Telstra To ADSL2 Bundled Optus To ADSL2 Naked Optus To ADSL2 AAPT
Methods and Requirements Cancel current service, Activate new telephone line at new location & make fresh application for required service Apply for relocation via the Secure Members Facilities, email provisioning with desired Bundled plan This is not Possible Cancel current service, Activate new telephone line at new location & make fresh application for required service
Activation Times Between 5 & 7 business days Between 8 & 10 business days Between 5 & 7 business days
Activation Cost Refer Exetel website Refer Members Area Refer Exetel website
If Contract ETC ETC ETC
Contract New New New

What if the relocation request for my ADSL2 service via Optus is rejected?

Rejection for your relocation request could be due to many reasons, and should act accordingly to find an alternative. It is recommended that you contact Exetel and get further advice.