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About ADSL2

What is ADSL2+?

ADSL2+ is a faster DSL service technology. The ADSL2+ is much faster than normal ADSL1 service. The ADSL1 broadband download speeds are between 256kbps and the maximum theoretical speed of 8Mbps. ADSL2+ download speed between 1.5Mbps and the maximum theoretical speed of 24Mbps. ADSL2+ will allow you to enjoy large file downloads, VoIP phone service, online gaming as well as Streaming TV and radios.

To obtain maximum ADSL2+ speeds customers must use an ADSL2+ supported MODEM and have filters installed. The actual speeds will depend on, distance from the local telephone exchange, internet traffic and the quality of the customer’s telephone copper line .

What are the differences between ADSL1 and ADSL2?

Apart from the obvious difference in speed, there are some other significant differences between the ADSL1 and ADSL2. Please visit From ADSL1 to ADSL 2 - What to Expect for more information.

Applying for Telstra ADSL2

How do I check Telstra ADSL2 availability ?

Please lodge an application by using If the service cannot be provided to you, you will be notified within 3 business days as soon as we get the confirmation from our supplier. If not we’ll proceed with the order to activate the service. In this case, applicable charges will be charged within 3 business days from the time you place the order .

Alternatively, you may contact our sales division to check for service availability.

What are the currently available ADSL2 plans via Telstra?

To find details on ADSL2 plans available through Telstra, please visit

What are the prerequisites to obtain an ADSL2 Service via Telstra?

  • If you are applying for Telstra ADSL2 with existing phone number, you need:
An active residential grade telephone line connected to Telstra infrastructure
Upgraded local exchange to ADSL2 with Telstra equipment

  • If you are applying for Telstra ADSl2 without an active phone number (New installation), you need:
Upgraded local exchange to ADSL2 with Telstra equipment
Availability of inplace copper capable of handling ADSL2 services

Note: If inplace copper is not available customer will be given the option to install a new copper cable for $299

How do I place an order for ADSL2 via Telstra?

To place an order for ADSL2 service via Telstra please submit an application from

Can you upgrade the equipment to provide ADSL2 service for the users who are located far away from the exchange?

Exetel has limited ownership to work out this as Telstra fully responsible of this part of the equipment and also it is not very flexible to implement this change due to the high cost.

Do I require an account number from my telephone bill to apply for ADSL2 via Telstra?

No, you do not need you account number to apply for ADSL2 via Telstra.

ADSL2 Activation Process

What happens once order is placed?

How can I check my Telstra ADSL2 application status?

Once you receive the confirmation email you can then check on the 'Application Status' page of Exetel web site to see exactly how your application is progressing.

How long does it take to activate an ADSL2 connection via Telstra?

It takes approximately 4 -6 business days to activate an ADSL2 connection via Telstra.

How do I know when my ADSL service is ready?

You will be informed via email when your ADSL service is ready. Please make sure we have your latest email address on record. Alternately you can contact the provisioning department to confirm the activation.

What do I do if my ADSL2 application has passed the estimated activation date?

If the estimated activation date of your ADSL connection has passed, please contact the provisioning department and advise of the delay.

ADSL2 Telstra Rejection Reasons

Transfer/ Churn of ADSL2 services with Telstra

What is Transfer/Churn of ADSL2 services via Telstra?

Transferring/Churning of ADSL2 services with Telstra is the process of moving from one ADSL2 provider to another ADSL2 provider while using the same Telstra infrastructure.

Should I disconnect my current ADSL2 service if my current ADSL provider is not listed in the order form?

Select the wholesaler/ supplier of your current service from the list. If the wholesaler/ supplier is not listed or if unaware of the wholesaler, select “All other ADSL ISP’s”


Plan Changes (Telstra to Telstra)

How can I change my ADSL plan with Telstra?

You may change your current ADSL plan over to one of the newly available plans through your member’s facility.

Go to Manage services >> ADSL/Fiber >> Change service section.

How long does it take to change the ADSL plans?

ADSL plan change will come in to effect with your next billing cycle.

How much is the ADSL plan change fee?

Plan change fee will be displayed in the member’s facility. This fee will change from time to time.

Is there a downtime for my current internet connection when I change ADSL plans?

There is no downtime for your current internet connection when you are doing a same carrier plan change as it is an automated process.

Will I be on a new contract when I change my ADSL plan?

Yes. There will be a new contract, whenever you change the plan

If there is a change in ADSL speed, when would it take place?

Speed will change within 2-3 working days after the plan change effective date.

ADSL2 Telstra Relocation

All relocation related information is available here