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(How can I track the delivery of my Netcomm ADSL modem?)
(How can I track the delivery of my Netcomm ADSL modem?)
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ADSL > ADSL Modem and Configuration

Ordering an ADSL MODEM from Exetel

How can I order an ADSL MODEM from your company?

To order an ADSL modem from Exetel, please follow the below steps.

1. Go to Members Facilities area.

2. Select Order Services option.

3. Click Order Hardware option.

Order MODEM01.png

4. Select the type of MODEM you require by ticking the relevant check box.

5. Mention the quantity by selecting the relevant number from the given drop down menu.

6. In the same way select the MODEM accessory and required quantity from it.

7. Enter the MODEM delivery name and address correctly.

8. Click the Confirm Order button.


When will I be billed for the ADSL modem?

If you have ordered a MODEM through the Members Facilities area, you will be billed for the MODEM on the following business day that the order for the MODEM was placed.

As for modems been placed through a new application the charge will be placed the same time the activation charge is in place, which is when we receive a confirmation of the activation date from the supplier.

How can I track the delivery of my Netcomm ADSL modem?

To track the delivery of a Netcomm ADSL modem, you can follow the below instructions.

1. Go to https://startrack.com.au/.

2. Click the Track & Trace option given in the WebPage.


3. Enter consignment number -> Click the Search button.


4. This will display the search results with the service level information.


How long will it take to deliver an ADSL modem?

Delivery time of an ADSL modem will depend on certain factors.

If you applied through a new application - once supplier confirm the appointment date

If you applied through Members Facility - Any order by 10 am, the order will be send to our hardware supplier the same day.

Does Exetel lock the selling Netcomm and Dynalink ADSL Modems?

No, we do not lock Netcomm or Dynalink ADSL modems that we sell.

What is the warranty period for Netcomm or Dynalink ADSL modems that I can purchase from Exetel?

The warranty period for Netcomm or Dynalink ADSL modems is twelve months.

Selecting a suitable ADSL modem

What modem is recommended for ADSL1?

Any ADSL modem would work for ADSL 1 connections. However note that Exetel will only be able to provide you basic information if you are not using a Netcomm or Dynalink MODEM.

What modem is recommended for ADSL2?

Any ADSL2 modem is working with Exetel's ADSL2 services. However, it is better to check with the modem manufacturer always.

Can I use the same old ADSL modem from my previous provider?

Yes, you can use whatever modem that suits you. However ensure that the modem is not locked to any particular network and Exetel is unable to assist if you are not using a Netcomm or Dynalink modem.

Does an ADSL1 modem work for ADSL2?

ADSL1 modems should work for ADSL2. However the speed you can go will be upto 8 Mbps and you will not be able to obtain 100% performance. (since it does not support ADSL2 modulations). It is better to always check with the MODEM manufacturer.

Micro Filter

What is an ADSL micro filter?

A micro filter is a small device plugged at the back of telephones.

You need a filter for your ADSL service because it filters out the noise interference on the telephone lines.

How many micro-filters do I need when apply for ADSL?

The number of micro-filters you need depends on the extra equipment (fax/corded handsets/cordless handsets etc.) you have on your telephone line.

Can I use the ADSL1 Micro filters with ADSL2 service?

We recommend to use ADSL2 micro-filters for handling the new frequency that ADSL2 emits.

Do I need the filter/splitter connected with Naked ADSL connections?

No, you do not need to connect the filters or the splitters for a Naked ADSL connection. Instead you can have the MODEM connected directly to the first wall socket.


How do I configure my modem for ADSL?

Please use below settings based on your ADSL supplier to configure your ADSL modem.


- VPI - 8

- VCI - 35

- Protocol - PPPoE

- Encapsulation - LLC

- VPI - 8

- VCI - 35

- Protocol - PPPoA

- Encapsulation - LLC

- VPI - 8

- VCI - 35

- Protocol - PPPoA

- Encapsulation - VC-MUX

Telstra and Optus

- VPI - 8

- VCI - 35

- Protocol - PPPoE

- Encapsulation - LLC

- VPI - 8

- VCI - 35

- Protocol - PPPoA

- Encapsulation - VC-MUX

Does Exetel provide any assistance to set up my ADSL modem?

We can assist to set up your ADSL modem if it is either a Netcomm or a Dynalink modem as Exetel personnel are only trained with brands that we resell.Please email residentialsupport@exetel.com.au or Sydney users call 0280301000; national number 1300788141

You can also find a collection of ADSL Modem Setup Guides here

Does Exetel come to my property to install the ADSL connection?

No. Exetel does not come to your property to install your ADSL connection. If you have ordered the modem through Exetel we will send you a modem with the factory settings which means the modem will have default settings.Once you recieve the modem that you purchased through Exetel, you can contact the support department to obtain configuration details.

What is ADSL modem username and password?

Please visit Username and Password to find information on ADSL modem username and password.

I have problems in setting up my ADSL modem

Setting up an ADSL modem should be a very, very simple task with, effectively, the user only needing to access the on line set up function in the modem and then inserting the Exetel supplied Modem User Name and Modem Password.

All modern ADSL modems have a one page “how to set up…” set of instructions that can be found in the modem’s manual.

  • For modem set up guides on this Wiki please click here.
  • For modem set up forum please click here. There is a great deal of information about many modems and their set ups and where you can also post specific questions about issues that aren’t covered in your modem manual


The ADSL modem tends to become very hot when in use and when this occurs the internet also has problems

If the ADSL modem tends to become very hot when in use, it is likely the modem is not functioning correctly thus causing the internet to have problems, it would be best to contact the modem manufacturer for further assistance.

How does my ADSL service and telephone service work at the same time?

Your ADSL service (ADSL) and your telephone service (VOICE) co-exist on the same single copper telephone line.

ADSL signals are carried on a higher frequency than your telephone signals.