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Is there any SLA for ADSL services?

No. There is no SLA (Service Level Agreement) for ADSL services as they are residential grade services.

Is there any SLA if I apply for ADSL under a business name?

No. Even though your ADSL connection is registered under a business, the actual ADSL connection itself is still a residential grade service. So there is no SLA (Service Level Agreement).

What is the contract period for ADSL ?

Generally the contract periods for ADSL services are as follows.

ADSL1 - 6 months

ADSL2 - 12 months

However this may vary depending on your plan. You can find this in the order form.

Do I have to renew my ADSL contract when it expires?

No you need not renew your ADSL contract after it expires. You can continue the service on a month on month basis

Can I change my ADSL plan before the contract expires?

Yes. During the contract period, you may check in to any plan which is listed in your members facility only.

What are the terms and conditions for ADSL services?

Visit http://www.exetel.com.au/a_terms_conditions.php for Telstra ADSL terms and conditions

Visit http://www.exetel.com.au/adsl2_terms_no_telephone.php for AAPT terms and conditions

What is the acceptable user policy for ADSL services?

Visit http://www.exetel.com.au/a_acceptable_use_adsl2.php to learn about ADSL (Optus and AAPT) Acceptable Use policy.

Visit http://www.exetel.com.au/a_acceptable_use.php for ADSL (Telstra) Acceptable Use policy.

Is there a cooling off period for ADSL service?

No, there is no cooling off period for ADSL service.

Can I share the Internet for ADSL?

Yes you can share the internet connection. It can be done via WiFi or by hard wiring network devices like switches,routers, computers.