Alcatel Modem Speed Touch Pro

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ADSL > ADSL Modem Setup Guides > Alcatel Modem Speed Touch Pro

For the Alcatel modem Speed Touch Pro.

  • Open a web browser, input into the address bar.
  • Log into the modem. (Refer to your modem user guide if unsure)

The first step, as in the manual configuration above, is to delete all existing entries in PPP, CIP, PPTP, Bridge and Phone book.

Now to Phone Book - In the Input fields, Name can be anything - Exetel?

  1. VPI set to 8
  2. VCI set to 35
  3. Type set to "Bridge"
  4. Click "Add"
  5. Click on the "Bridge" button
  6. Encapsulation is LLC/Snap - (i have it as VC-MUX)
  7. Then click "Add" and the State should say forwarding
  8. To finish it off, click the "Save All" button