Alcatel Speed Touch Home/530

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ADSL > ADSL Modem Setup Guides > Alcatel Speed Touch Home/530

For the Alcatel modem Speed Touch Pro and Speed Touch Home/530

For the Speed Touch Home/530, you may have an icon on your desktop from your previous provider. Click on this and then click on Properties (go to point number 9 below)

You also need to configure the network settings, like domain suffix, DNS IP addresses and you do this by the inbuilt PPPoE client of WINXP.

  1. In the "Network Tasks" Menu, select "Create New Connection", or for some click on START > SETTINGS > NETWORK CONNECTIONS > NEW CONNECTION WIZARD
  2. Click Next
  3. Select the default "Connect to the Internet" and "next".
  4. Select "Set up my connection Manually" and "next"
  5. Select "Connect using a Broadband connection that requires a username & password" and "Next"
  6. Give the connection a name (anything, or Exetel?) and "next"
  7. Enter your username & password (your 10 digit phone number ie: or
  8. And "Finish"
  9. A connection window will popup, Select "properties"
  10. Select the Networking Tab. It should say Point to Point over Ethernet in "Type of Broadband Connection"
  11. Select "properties" of TCP/IP protocol
  12. Select "advanced" and select the DNS tab
  13. Check "Append these DNS suffixes (in order)" and add your ISP's DNS suffix. Click 'ADD' and then input
  14. Then click ok to everything to close it all, click "connect" and you're online hopefully.