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===What will happen if I don't pay my ADSL/Mobile Broadband etc bill on-time?===
===What will happen if I don't pay my ADSL/Mobile Broadband bill on-time?===
Your service will be suspended temporally until you settle the outstanding.
If you do not make the payment within 10 days, your service could be disconnected permanently and the outstanding will be sent to the debt collector.
Payments for Exetel invoices are through direct debit.
If the direct debit fails to get honoured on the due date of an invoice, you will incur a $10 dishonour fee.
You would still have a grace period of 7 days to pay the bill.
Failing to make the payment by the 7th day, your services will be temporarily suspended on the 8th day until a full payment is made.
===Why  is my service blocked for failed payment?===
===Why  is my service blocked for failed payment?===

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Billing Cycle

What is the Exetel billing cycle?

There are two billing cycles for residential services.

The billing cycle with Exetel is on a calendar month basis which is from the 1st of the month to the end of the month.

Invoices are issued on the 14th of each month and will be due on the date mentioned on the invoice. This is usually on the 28th or on the 1st of the following month.

You can find your billing date in your invoice. If this date falls on a weekend or a bank holiday, then money will be deducted on the following business day.

For SHDSL and Business Grade ADSL services, the billing date will be on the 1st of each month.


How is first month Pro rata monthly fee calculated?

You will pay a pro-rata amount for the first month in which your service was activated.

For example, if your ADSL/Fibre service was activated on the 15th of a month, the pro-rata amount will be calculated by multiplying the monthly rental from the number of days in that calendar month divided by remaining days of the month(from completion date) .

Example 1

(a) $30 per month;

(b) 30 days in month;

(c) 15 days remaining = $30 / 30 x 15 = $15

Example 2

(a) $75 per month;

(b) 31 days in month;

(c) 15 days remaining = $75 / 31 x 15 = $36.29

Example 3

(a) $50 per month;

(b) 30 days in month;

(c) 9 days remaining = $50 / 30 x 9 = $14.99

When we receive notification from the carrier of the service of the connection date, you will be sent an invoice for the prorata monthly fee and any applicable activation fees.

Example scenario: ADSL Application Process

The application process normally is as follows:

1. Customer completes an ADSL application and submits it.
2. Then Exetel sends your application to the wholesale provider.
3. Wholesale provider gives an estimated appointment date to Exetel.
4. Wholesale provider advises Exetel the completion date.

The completion date is usually advised to Exetel within seven days later by Wholesaler.

This means you should have your ADSL MODEM and personal computer setup/configured on or before this estimated appointment date.

As the estimated appointment date is almost always met usually on or before by Wholesaler, regardless if you first use the service after this date you will still be charged a pro-rata amount from the completion date. This means that we cannot hold charges until your internal equipment and cabling are ready, as we will start billing you from the date we provide you the connection.

Can the administration fee of $3.00 imposed on certain plans be affected by the payment method (direct debit/credit card) that I use to pay for services?

No, the administration fee of $3.00 imposed on certain plans is not affected by the payment method.

I see that I have been charged with a $3.00 account administration charge. Is there anyway I could avoid this charge?

To avoid being debited with a $3.00 administration fee, you need to check with residential sales team and change to a plan that does not involve this fee. Also, please note that plans change from time to time and any given plan will not be available at all times.

Why am I still being charged by my previous provider?

It is entirely up to your previous provider to close the account or cancel. If your previous provider is still billing you it is entirely your responsibility to contact your previous provider to finalize all contractual and financial obligations, as a private matter. Exetel does not contact any former provider and cancel your accounts.


Can you please explain to me what the service surcharge is?

Service surcharge is imposed by Exetel management time to time for services and the charge can be different from plan to plan. It is charged on top of the monthly service fee which is a compulsory charge for that particular plan. This is informed to all the customers before implementing any service surcharge on your service.

Why did you debit our account with a credit card surcharge without our knowledge of such a charge?

This is stated on our terms and conditions. It shows when you request to change your payment details through member’s facility or when you initially sign up for the service providing credit/debit card details in the order form.

Terms related to surcharges are stated in Exetel terms and conditions (Summary of other charges) - https://www.exetel.com.au/terms

I have different services with you and been charged with different invoices with credit card surcharges, Can I have all the services in one invoice?

If you have different services with Exetel and charged with different invoices with credit card surcharge, you may request Exetel billing to merge your different accounts under one particular customer ID. However the credit card surcharge is charged at 1% of your total invoices value.


How can I access my Invoices?

You may view your invoices by logging into the Secure Members Facility located at https://www.exetel.com.au/my_exetel

  • To view an invoice of Exetel, once logged in to the member’s facility click on “Account”(On the top menu)

Invoice view.PNG

  • To view an invoice of a Corporate/SHDSL service, please log in to the member’s facility and click on "Payment/Financial" then “View invoices” (On the left hand side menu)

Corp reg invoice.JPG

If login from master account, click straight on “View invoices” (On the left hand side menu)

Corp invoice.JPG

  • To view an invoice of a SMS service, please log in to the member’s facility and first click on “Account Settings” and then “View Invoices”.(On the left hand side menu)


Can I recieve invoices via email?

Exetel sends invoices to customers via email as soon as they are issued. This is a tax copy of the invoice.

You can subscribe an additional email account to receive invoices by;

  • Login in to Exetel Members portal.
  • Click "Account" (When using ADSL/Fibre logins. Please skip this step for other logins)
  • Click on "Information From Exetel"
  • Enter the email address that you need to sign up on both boxes.
  • Tick the check boxes for Invoice and if there are any other news letters that you need to sign up to.
  • Click on "Subscribe to the selected Newsletters" button.

How do I read my Invoice?

Please go to https://www.exetel.com.au/files/EXE0064_Exetel_how%20to%20read%20your%20bill_28July_FA.pdf on how to read an Exetel invoice. You can also refer to the following diagram to understand the information on the invoice.

Read invoice.JPG


  • If you have two or more Exetel services coming under the same owner’s name, those services can be merged and billed together in the same invoice without billing separately.
  • Invoices will always generate under the name of the original owner of the service. To change the name of the invoice, first you need to transfer the ownership of the Exetel service. Please arrange the owner of the service to email billing@exetel.com.au requesting to change the ownership of the service.
  • Your funds are directly debited from either the credit/debit card or the bank account that you have nominated on your application form.
  • As our billing system is fully automated, it is technically impossible to adjust the payment dates for individual needs.

How can I retrieve my previous invoices after the service cancellation and is there any charge applicable?

1. You have access to the online member’s area for two years after you deactivate the service. Hence you can retrieve invoices through the member’s facility free of charge.

2. If your service was cancelled over two years ago, please email billing@exetel.com.au requesting for your previous invoices. Currently there is an administration fee of $11.00 for retrieving previous invoices for cancelled services.

Payment Methods

What modes of payment are available to pay for my Exetel service?

The following modes of payment are available with Exetel.

(1) Credit Card payment - Pay Live (most convenient and fastest way)

(2) Direct Debit - Pay at close of business day (payment can be honored or dishonored by your financial institution within 1 and 3 business days)

(3) EFT – for some corporate customers

How do I change my credit card details?

You can change your credit card details from your members facility by following below steps.

1. Log in to Exetel member portal

2. Click on "Account"

3. Click on "Payments"

4. Select debit/credit card or by bank account (whichever you prefer to make direct debits from)

5. Tick on "I agree"

6. Click on "Save changes"

Can the billing dates be adjusted as per my convenience?

As our billing system is fully automated and it is technically impossible to adjust the payment dates for individual needs.

Currently Exetel has only two billing dates. That is 28th of the month (For ADSL only customers) or the first working days of each month. (If the this date falls on a holiday, the debits will occur on the following working)

Interim Information

What is an interim bill?

We are obligated to ensure, per ACMA Registered Code (Consumer Protection Code) that we don't provide unlimited credit to a person. This is the reason for the interim billing system. This ensures the customer is aware that they have excess charges and only if yoagree to it by making an interim payment, the services will be resumed.

I have been asked to pay a usage interim bill. I have always paid for excess usage with the next monthly invoice. Why do I have to pay for it during the month of use?

We are also obligated to ensure as per the ACMA Registered Code (Consumer Protection Code) that we don't provide unlimited credit to a person where no credit check or credit assessment has been undertaken.

Therefore we have implemented an interim billing system as a spend management tool. The reason why it is charged at irregular times in a month is because it is a payment that is dependent on when you would reach the capped slab of usage.

How do I pay for my interim bill?

  • When you are been notified of an interim bill for data usage of an ADSL/Mobile Broadband service, you should make the interim usage payment using one of the following methods, immediately from the time notified by logging in to Exetel user facility:
1. Credit Card payment - Pay Live (most convenient and fastest way)
2. Direct Debit - Pay at close of business day (payment can be honoured or dishonoured by your financial institution within one to three business days)

What is the interim billing amount I have for services?

Interim billing charge vary depending on the service you have and how much you have set the spend limit to.

The standard limit we set for interim is $100

Why can't you automatically debit the usage interim bill?

We are legally not allowed to charge customers at a point they are not aware of. A usage interim bill is entirely dependent on when exactly you exceed usage and unlike the monthly access fee that always happens on the first business day/28th of each month.

Can you adjust the interim billing amount as per my convenience

For data usage interim bill, you can postponed paying for the interim until your next monthly invoice generates. However your service will be blocked until this is added to your monthly invoice. However voice/Layer3 Mobile Broadband interim bill will be debited from your account as when the bill is generated.

Failed Payment

What will happen if I don't pay my ADSL/Mobile Broadband bill on-time?

Payments for Exetel invoices are through direct debit. If the direct debit fails to get honoured on the due date of an invoice, you will incur a $10 dishonour fee.

You would still have a grace period of 7 days to pay the bill. Failing to make the payment by the 7th day, your services will be temporarily suspended on the 8th day until a full payment is made.

Why is my service blocked for failed payment?

On the start of each billing cycle, Exetel process the payment files for all the customers. These payments are divided into two categories as Direct Debit and Credit card. Your service will be blocked immediately if the payments are dishonored or rejected and you will be directed to the payment portal page when you attempt to browse the Internet.


When the monthly payment gets dishonored, do you provide a grace period to pay?

In case of your monthly payment gets dishonored, ADSL customers can have the service immediately restored for 72 hours. This is a grace period Exetel allows the ADSL customers to organize the payment. For other services, Exetel does not provide a grace period.

What do I do when my service gets blocked for failed payment?

If your service is blocked for failed payement, you can follow these steps to make a successful payment and unblock the service. Also, if you are an ADSL customer, you have the option to unblock the service for 72 hours until you process a successful payment.

1. The payment portal page will appear in case if the payment has been failed.

2. There are two options given in the payment portal page for you to make the relevant payment.

  • Option one - Pay Live

This is when customer uses a credit card to pay. Once the payment is honored, the service will be unblocked within ten to fifteen minutes. The customer has an option to make a onetime payment with a different credit card. If the customer selects this, the original payment will not be replaced.


  • Option two - Pay at close of business day

This is when the customer uses a bank account to make the payment. Any payment initiated before 4.30 p.m. will be processed on the same day. Payment initiated after 4.30 p.m. will be processed on the next business day. The service will only be unblocked when the funds are fully cleared. This usually takes nearly two to three business days.


3. Click Pay Live button if you are using a credit card to make the payment. If you are paying via bank account, click Pay at Close of Business Day button.

4. If you have clicked Pay Live button;

  • Give the card type by ticking the relevant radio button. (Visa OR Master)
  • Enter the Card holder’s Name and Card Number.
  • Enter the Card verification number and the Expiry date.


What is the Card Verification Number?

The Card Verification Number is a new authentication scheme established by credit card companies to further efforts towards reducing fraud for Internet transactions. It consists of requiring a card holder to enter the card verification number in at transaction time to verify that the card is on hand.

Visa & MasterCard: Bill13.gif

This number is printed on your MasterCard & Visa cards in the signature area of the back of the card. (It is the last three digits AFTER the credit card number in the signature area of the card).

  • Select one of the options given by ticking the relevant radio button.

Once off payment only from this credit card – If you are making only this payment with the given credit card. Please update my payment details to the ones above – If you wish to continue using the given credit card for current and future payments.

  • Click Pay Now button.

5. If you have clicked the Pay at close of business day button you will be directed to the Change Payment Method screen.

I have enough funds in my bank account. Why do you reject my payments?

The decision to honour or dishonour payment is at the discretion of the financial institution of which they formally provide Exetel with the rejection reason.

Exetel will never be able to address any failed payment decision by any financial institution as we simply cannot approach, call or inquire with the financial institution as to the standing of any account with them as this would breach their privacy policy and Federal Privacy laws.

Why am i still blocked after payment for the outstanding invoice?

Once you made a successful payment for the outstanding amount, your service should be unblocked. However if the service is still blocked please email billing@exetel.com.au

I have been charged with overdrawn or dishonor fees by the bank for Exetel tried debiting my bank account when there was insufficient money. Can Exetel refund this fee?

It is of no concern to Exetel of the private arrangements between you and your bank as the fee are illegal, and please take it up with your bank, not only for this occasion but all other similar type charges.

Ownership of accounts

How do I change ownership of my service to another person (Third party)?

There will be situations where the service owner needs to change the service ownership to a third party. (e.g.: From husband to wife, housemate A to housemate B…etc). All changes of ownership requests need to be mailed to billing@exetel.com.au from the nominated email address. Then billing department will advise you the procedure. Comply with the requests mentioned and once a confirmation email is received from the new owner (which is the final step required in the procedure), the name change will be done. $100 administration fee will be debited from the new customer once the change has been completed.

Are there any costs involved in doing an ownership transfer?

When you are transferring the ownership of an account, a once off payment of $100.00 will be charged from the new owner as of 19th November 2012.

This charge is applicable to all the services and it will not change depending on if you are in contract or not.

Merging Accounts

What will happen when merge customer IDs?

When you apply for services on different occasions you will be given different Customer IDs. When merge customer IDs you will have the following benefits.

  • All the services will be charged with one invoice.
  • Services can be managed by using one Members Facilities area.
  • If you are using credit card as the payment method and if you have four different services, you will not be charged for credit card surcharge four times. Instead you will have one invoice and one credit surcharge for all services.

How can I merge several accounts?

Please email billing@exetel.com.au to merge your accounts. Note that we can merge several accounts provided that they are owned by one person and the payment details are same for all the accounts.

I have an ADSL service and a mobile service with Exetel. They are billed separately. Can you bill them in one invoice?

Yes, we could merge the services together as long as the services we are to merge are coming under your name and the payment details are same for all the services.(we could only merge services that are coming under the same owner)

Can you merge me and my sons account?

No. we can not merge your account with your relative's accounts. Owners of both the services should be same in order to merge two accounts.

If I merge all accounts under my company name would I get one bill for over 12 accounts?

Yes, you can merge any number of accounts under your company name if all the services are under same company name and same payment details.

Master Account

What is a master account and how does it work?

If you have several services with Exetel, to make it easy to manage those accounts, you can request to create a master account by emailing to billing@exetel.com.au so that you can log into the master account in the Members Facilities area to manage all the services.

I have several services with Exetel, is there any easy way of handling all the services with one account?

Yes, to make it easier to manage all your accounts you may request to create a master account so that you can log into the master account member’s facilities to manage those services.

Pioneer Discount

how do I know whether I am eligible to get a pioneer/loyalty discount?

Please send an email to residentialsales@exetel.com.au in order to check eligibility to get a pioneer/loyalty discount

Service Cancellation and Early Termination Charge

How do I cancel a service?

Please visit Service Cancellation page for details on service cancellation

Can I change my service cancellation date?

If you need to change service cancellation date after requesting it from your members area, you have to contact Exetel provisioning.

Are there any hidden cancellation fees?

There are no hidden charges for service cancellation. Any fees that you may be required to pay upon early termination of your service will be outlined in your cancellation submission.

What is an ETC charge?

ETC is the Early Termination Charge. If the service canceled within the contract period, you will be charged for Early Termination Charge.

How can I find out when my ADSL/Fibre/Mobile service contract is to end?

You can find the Initial Contract End Date from members facility area following the steps shown below

1.Login to members portal 2.Click on "Services and Usage" 3.Click "Manage" on the service which you would like to check the contract details.

Then you can find your plan details including the Contract End Date

How much is the Early Termination Charge (ETC) for Exetel?

Early Termination Charge is different from service to service. You can refer the correct Early Termination Charge stated in the cancellation page through member’s facility. You can also find other charges applicable (if any) at service cancellation, when you submit the service cancellation through member's facility.

However, no ETC will be charged in case you change your plan within the same infrastructure while you are in contract.

Can you waive off $100 early cancellation charge?

No; Exetel cannot waive off the early cancellation fee.

ADSL connection is given on the actual unique copper line from the premises to the local exchange. It is not based on a telephone number solely.

Exetel is charged by our wholesale DSL supplier to connect a service and they impose onto us a six months minimum term. If any event causes the DSL service to be removed, Exetel will be charged a cancellation fee without discriminating them.

The reason why we cannot waive the $100 cancellation fee is due to that being commercially inappropriate, also it would mean we would be running the business at a loss and we are not prepared to do that.

I have relocated, why am I being charged with an Early cancellation fee. I merely relocated and did not terminate the service?

Kindly note that when it comes to a relocation, technically it is an existing service termination & a new service activation at another location, as defined by our wholesalers.

When Exetel signs you up with a plan in return the wholesaler assigns a specific time frame which is a contract period while fees/levies associated with these are compulsory and beyond the control of the ISP.

Therefore even though you will continue to use Exetel services at another location, regret to inform that we are unable to waive off these compulsory charges implemented by our wholesalers


Can Exetel refund the overdrawn or dishonor fees charged from me?

This issue occurs when Exetel tried debiting your bank account when there was insufficient money. As this is a private arrangement between you and your bank, all the similar type charges that you consider as illegal need to be sorted out with your bank. Please refer to the information in below website for more details.

How long does Exetel take to process a refund?

Normally it takes ten to fifteen business days to process a refund.

Is it possible to arrange a refund for the unused period of my service if I have canceled it in the mid of month?

Yes. You will be credited for the unused period calculated based on pro rata if you cancel your service in the mid of a month. However this is applicable only to ADSL and Mobile Broadband plans.

I have now lodged a fault with your support team with regard to a service issue. Can you refund me for the number of unused days?

Given the reported service issue being caused by issues in the supplier infrastructure, a refund will be given from the date the service issue was logged to the date when it was resolved. If the service issue was caused by conditions within the parameters of the end user such as those with the end user equipment a refund will not be given. Email your request to billing@exetel.com.au once your service issue has been fixed, provided the issue being caused by issues in the supplier infrastructure to arrange a refund.

My exemail account canceled several months ago, but I have been charged for the Spam email filter. Can you refund?

Yes. An investigation has to be done to find when the email account was canceled. If your claim is correct, the refund will be credited to your nominated account.

I ordered a modem when signing up with ADSL service & modem received only today. But I do not require a modem now. How can I get the money back?

If you do not require the new modem that you ordered, please return it via registered mail to the below address. Once you return it we will organize to refund the charges for the modem.

Exetel Pty Ltd

Level 5, 121 Walker Street

North Sydney

NSW 2060

Contact billing department

Can I speak to someone at the Billing department?

Exetel billing staff are contactable over the phone Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 5.30 pm Eastern Standard Time and Eastern Summer Time.

1. 13 39 38     - First Option 2 (existing customers) then Option 5
2. 02 8030 1000 - First Option 2 (existing customers) then Option 5
3. 1300 788 141 - First Option 2 (existing customers) then Option 5

What is the email address for billing?

The email address of the Billing Department is billing@exetel.com.au

Unbilled Charges

How can I check my current months usage?

You can view and monitor your call usage and charges by following below steps. These charges are not necessarily made within a month. It can be the charges for calls made from the previous months.

The wholesale supplier has a time frame of 160 days to bill for calls. Hence, as long as the itemize calls in the invoices are within 160 days, the customer is liable to pay.

1.Login to members portal

2.Click on "Services & Usage"

3.Click on "Usage" next to the service which you would like to check the usage

4.For mobiles, click on either "Included Call,SMS & MMS" or "Included data Usage" to get a breakdown of the usage records

Usage check.JPG


All relocation related information is available here