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General Setup

1) Plug your telephone line cable into the port that is labeled ‘ADSL’ on the back of the router

2) Using an Ethernet (network) cable, plug one end into the network port on your PC, and the other into the port labeled ‘1’ on the router

3) Connect the power adapter to the port labeled ‘PWR’, and plug the other end into your wall power point and turn it on

4) Using the switch on the back of the modem, turn it on

Connecting to your router

5) On your PC, open a web browser and in the address bar type ‘’, and press enter


6) A pop up will appear asking for your username and password – enter ‘admin’ for both username and password and click OK


7) You should now see the setup screen for your modem


Establishing ADSL connection with EXETEL

8) Click on the ‘Quick Start’ link on the left side of the page


9) In this page, enter the following information:

Encapsulation: PPPoE

VPI: 8

VCI: 35

NAT: Enable

IP Address:

Subnet Mask:

Default Gateway:

Obtain DNS Automatically: TICKED

Username: Your Exetel Username

Password: Your Exetel Password

NOTE: Username is in the format <telephone Number>@<state> . EG, if your telephone number is 0893001111 (include your area code), and you live in WA, the username is

The password is in the format <telephone number><first 2 letters of your street name, in capitals>. EG, if your number is 0893001111 and you live at 20 Main St Perth, your password would be 0893001111MA


10) Click on the Apply button


11) Click on OK


12) Click on Save Config


13) Click on Apply


14) Click on OK (Note: This message takes around 30s to pop up)


15) Click on Status (on the left of the screen)


16) In the status screen, you should see ‘Connection established’ for the PPoE Connection.


You are now connected to Exetel!!