Billion BiPAC 5100

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ADSL > ADSL Modem Setup Guides > Billion BiPAC 5100

To access the Billion's one page set up use your browser to type in

This modem may not function on the Optus ADSL2+ network.

User name and Password

User name = admin

Password = admin

What Mode Do I Use - Routing or Bridge?

Usually 'routing'. Consult your Billion manual to double check which mode is correct for your set up.

What is the VPI Setting?

VPI = 8

What is the VCI Setting?

VCI = 35

What Is My Static IP Address?

This is automatically assigned to the modem when you connect to the Exetel service for the first time.

What Encapsulation Method Do I Use?

PPPoE or PPPoA is fine

What Multiplexing Method Do I Use?


Generally, you only need to enter your username and password to configure your modem. All other settings are the factory default.