Billion BiPAC 7300(G)

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Connecting to the Billion 7300(G)

Firstly, go to control panel > network connections and right click on the connection icon and go to properties. Double click on the TCP/IP properties and ensure the settings are set to obtain automatically as per below:


The default router configuration page for billion is

Enter this into your browser to access the setup page.


You will be prompted for a username and password screen. The defaults are

User name = admin

Password = admin


Configuring the Billion 7300(G)


Enter the settings as per above screenshot. You may need to change encapsulation to PPPoA, the VPI and VCI settings will always be 8 and 35 respectively.

You can leave the optional settings as, these are all automatically assigned by exetel.

You username and password to enter here would have been given to you by exetel. It is generally:

Username = (for NSW users)

Password = phonenumberXX - where XX are the first two letters of your street name

Ensure you apply the settings and then save to flash.

Configuring Wireless Settings

You will need to put some encryption on the wireless connection when you first set it up, otherwise anyone can connect to your LAN and use your internet.

Connect to the billion by typing into internet explorer (or other browsers) then enter the username and password (default is admin, admin).

Then click configuration > Lan > wireless security.

You will see the page below. As you can see the WPA key I have used is “steve65STEVE”, you can enter any key you like but remember you have to also enter this key on any device you want to connect wirelessly.


Written by Nick.

For details on how to forward ports see