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Billion 7401 VGP







Billion 7401 VGPR3

This guide was added by Exetel customer Tim McCoy - please visit my homepage and use the contact me section if you'd like to message me privately. The following configuration is working perfectly for ADSL2, but I have had some quibbles with VOIP.

Upgrade to firmware 5.53.s5.dge or newer, as I had many issues getting VOIP to work reliably (dropped calls) until I upgraded to this release and many messages between myself and Billion Support. As of the update to this Wiki, I'm having perfect VOIP performance - great quality and no dropped calls.


The Basic configuration screen was used successfully to set up an initial ADSL2 connection, but the advanced settings are shown for completeness.




The following VOIP settings are working for both inbound and outbound calls, but there are some issues without outbound calls to mobile phones and some PABX-VOIP setups. For the moment, these are preliminary settings only that are mostly working.

These settings are for using a standard hard phone (ATD) connected to the handset port of the modem.

Note, the RTP port CANNOT be 5060 as pictured, set it to 5100 or higher.

Billion 7401 VGPR3 VOIP1.png

Billion 7401 VGPR3 VOIP2.png

Billion 7401 VGPR3 VOIP3.png

Billion 7401 VGPR3 VOIP4.png

Below are the settings for the dial plan rules, where a new rule has been added for NSW to ensure that 8-digit local numbers are dialled as their correct NSW 02xxxxxxxx format. This setting was made by adding a setting with the settings "prepend 02 unconditionally" with a Main digit sequence of "xxxxxxxx". This is probably not an essential setting.

Billion 7401 VGPR3 VOIP5.png

Billion 7401 VGPR3 VOIP6.png

The default dial tone sounds like a long single tone. Changing to the settings below give a much more pleasing and common ring tone. The sample settings below also use a 500ms ring timer, rather than the default 400, as a sample cordless phone was ringing incorrectly (cut off or mistimed ring) with the default settings.

Billion 7401 VGPR3 VOIP7.png