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Alternate Dispute Resolution Scheme and ADSL1 Early Cancellation Fee of $100

Extract from staff of an alternate resolution scheme

'Exetel has responded to your complaint by advising that the contractual period associated with your ADSL1 service is for 6 months and not 6 bills. This is provided with the contract terms and conditions.

Exetel's wholesale agreement with their wholesale supplier means that Exetel will incur a fee if a service is terminated within the minimum 6 month period regardless of the number of payments that have been made by the customer. The fee is passed on to the customer in accordance with Exetel's terms and conditions

'Exetel appears to have demonstrated to the us that the cancellation fee represents a genuine loss associated with the early termination of the service within the minimum 6-month term. In this, Exetel's response appears to have satisfied the requirements of the our position statement in relation to early cancellation fee's'