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How do I connect to ADSL ?

Please follow the below steps to connect to your ADSL connection.

If you are using a modem provided by Exetel you should have received it before your line is activated. Whether or not you are sourcing your modem from Exetel you will have received an email with your user name and password and other set up information.

If you require more detailed assistance you should get that from the manual that comes with your modem or a knowledgeable friend. Some guidance is provided on either the Exetel User Help Forum click here, our Wiki contains some modems, located here, or in the advice to be found on the left hand side of this page. It is very straight forward to set up an ADSL modem but if none of these aids is sufficient you will need to pay for a computer professional to assist you complete this task.

Exetel has agents in every capital city of Australia, and many regional areas. If you need help you might consider calling one of these agents who will charge you to install your ADSL connection. Search for an agent.

If the 'Link' or 'ADSL' light is not steady, then it might not be activated yet, or an issue might have developed. In this case (approximately 10% of all ADSL activations) you need to call Exetel and get the support engineers to get the wholesale provider to confirm and fix the problem.

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