Customer Service Guarantee (CSG)

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[As Exetel requests a waiver of all rights for compensation under the CSG Standard, this information is for your knowledge only and not applicable to any Exetel service.]

What is the Customer Service Guarantee?

The Customer Service Guarantee (CSG) is a standard designed to encourage service improvement and guard against poor service. Phone companies must meet minimum performance requirements for specified services and compensate customers when these are not met.

Which services are covered by the Customer Service Guarantee Standard?

The CSG Standard covers the supply of standard telephone services, including voice grade services used to connect to the Internet or for a facsimile machine. Enhanced call-handling features that require activation by a phone company are also covered, including call waiting, call forwarding, call barring, calling number display and calling number display blocking. These services are commonly referred to as CSG services.

Usually applicable to the CSG Standard are:

connection of a CSG service; repair of a fault or service difficulty; and attending appointments with customer For more information on CSG, please refer

Why does Exetel request customers to waive the CSG?

While Exetel will do everything possible to comply with the CSG timeframes, it is only able to offer the ADSL2/Voice bundle at the low charges if customers waive the various rights that are specified in the Telecommunications Act. You should also be fully aware that Exetel is subject to any Optus constraints and limitations.