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ADSL > ADSL Modem Setup Guides > D-LINK DSL-504T

The first thing to do is ensure that your computer can receive an IP Address from the modem:

1. Click on START then click CONTROL PANEL then double click NETWORK SETTINGS to open it

2. Right click on the Local Area Connection icon then left click Properties

3. This will display the properties of the connection, at the bottom of the list is Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Click it to highlight then click Properties


4. Ensure that “Obtain an IP address automatically” is selected, this will gray out all the other boxes.


5. Ensure that “Obtain DNS server address automatically” is selected.

6. Click OK to close the TCP/IP properties window

7. Click OK to close the Network Settings window

8. Close Control Panel

Now we need to configure your router to connect to Exetel:

1. Open your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc)

2. In the Address box enter and press enter or return

3. The login page should appear. If it doesn’t, ensure that you have followed all the instructions on connecting your modem, that it is plugged in and there are lights on indicating it has power.

4. Login with the User name admin and the password admin – you should change these later

5. Once logged into the modem you should see the home directory with the wizard menu displayed – click the Run Wizard button


6. Set your new password for the administrator. This is a good idea but be sure to use something you won’t forget or you will have to reset your router to the factory defaults. Click NEXT

7. Choose your time zone Click NEXT

8. Set Internet connection type. For Exetel it is PPPoE/PPPoA


9. Enter your username as provided by Exetel e.g. 0712345678@qld.exetel.com.au

10. Enter the password as provided by Exetel and click NEXT


11. All the settings for the connection are now completed. Click the Restart button to save the new settings and restart the Router. It will take about two minutes to restart the Router. Do not turn off the Router while it’s restarting.

12. A message will appear informing you that “The device has rebooted successfully”. You can now launch your web browser to access the Internet.

A full installation guide can be downloaded at ftp://files.dlink.com.au/products/DSL-504T/REV_A/QuickInstallGuide/DSL-504T_QIG_v1.00.pdf