DSL Line Activation Fee - No Special Offer

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A customer lodged a complaint on the basis that the DSL line activation fee charged of $145 was supposed to be $0.00 accordingy to his recollection.

The customer stated they completed the DSL application form by word of mouth he heard of locally that indicated the DSL line activation fee was $0.00 for a limited time.

Upon the customer completing the DSL application form, the applicable DSL line activation fee was noted as $145 and there was no mention of a ‘special offer’ on the application form or Exetel website on that date, and the customer agreed and submitted to the terms & conditions of the online application form regardless of $145.

On this occasion, the customer believed that the DSL line activation fee was free because what he heard that the DSL application form was supposed to be $0.00

Exetel advised the customer that the DSL line activation fee of $145 was applicable and that no ‘special offer’ at the time, and Exetel re-iterated that we did not offer to him at the time of his DSL application any ‘special offer’.

While Exetel sympathises with the position the customer found himself in, the oversight on his behalf contributed to the situation.

Exetel does not believe on this occasion that the customer should be given preferencial treatment over other customers who had completed a DSL application on the same day in which they paid $145.

If Exetel were to provide preferential treatment solely on the basis that a complaint was lodged with us, it would place Exetel into a position of being prejudical or discriminatory to a person who complained and that favourable treatment was given.

Please note that by the very definition of entering into a contract is to what you agree to at the time of your application.