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Email Set Up Problems

This page is to assist a user who believes that they have explicitly followed the instructions in the Exetel user Facilities/Add Email Account but can’t send and/or receive an email using the address they set up in those facilities and then enabled in their computer’s email ‘client’ software.

Setting Up Your Exetel Email Account

First Step

Go back to the User Facilities/Email Set Up/View Email Account where you will see a screen that lists the email accounts that you have created. It looks like this:

Exetel Customer Email Tools


Please check that you are using the EXACT email user name you see on that screen – write it down. If you are sure that you are using the correct email account name then you need to click the “password” button next to the email account name you are having trouble with which will bring up this screen:


To ensure that you have been using the correct password in setting up email account in your email client you should first write down the password on the same piece of paper you used for the email account name; please use something really simple at this time such as “mother” (not some difficult combination of upper and lower case and numerals and signs).

Having written down the password you intend to use for this email account enter the selected password in both the “New Password” and “Confirm Password” boxes and then click on “Change”.

You have now eliminated the possibility that you will be using a different email account name or password for that name when you enter those details in your computer’s email ‘client’.

Second Step

Exetel realize that there are at least half a dozen email clients that are commonly used by Exetel ADSL users. ALL of these programs have easy to understand on line help guides and very intuitively obvious screen by screen set up instructions. Although you may have chosen to use a particular email program for all of the very good reasons that you made that decision it is not Exetel’s responsibility to help you fix any misunderstandings you may have with it. What we can do is step you through a ‘standard’ email program that comes with all Windows operating systems to ensure that:

a.You can get your Exetel email address to work

b.You better understand some of the issues that may not be obvious to someone setting up an email account for the first time.

In the Exetel User Facilities you will find on line set up guides for several other email programs. The following instructions and explanations are to set up your Exetel email account using Outlook Express 6

Open Outlook Express and Click on 'Tools' on the top line of the task bar

Then select 'Accounts'


Then click on the 'Mail' tab, ensure your have highlighted the existing Exemail account or whatever is clearly noted to your Exetel service. In the below picture, it is shown as

Then click on the 'Properties' button to the right.


Then click on the 'Servers' tab

Now ensure you have the incoming and outgoing entered correctly ( If you are in New South Wales, then use the below New South Wales, incoming and outgoing, and so on. )

Then ensure you have put your FULL e-mail address, for example and not just YOUR-USERNAME

Tick the box where is says 'Remember password'

UNTICK where it says 'Log in using Secure Password Authentication'

UNTICK where it says 'My server requires authentication'

New South Wales












South Australia



Northern Territory



Western Australia




An optional setting which is useful for intermittent 'time-out' error messages, is to change the default server time-out value from 1 minute to 3 minutes

Click on the 'Advanced' tab

Scroll the indicator bar to the right, and stop it at 3 minutes or higher

You now need to enter your new email account user name and the password for it together with the Exetel server details in to your email client.