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What is exemail?

Each Exetel ADSL/wireless broadband plan includes FREE email addresses in the format of yourname@exemail.com.au and you can set up, change and maintain them via the Member Facilities area in the Exetel web site.

  • ADSL - 30 email addresses
  • Mobile Broadband - 10 email addresses

Activation and Usage

How do I set up the exemail email accounts?

Follow the simple steps given in the Member Facilities area to set up the exemail email accounts in a third party email program and Exetel server.

1. Go to Member Facilities area

2. Click Manage Services - Email option.


3. Select Add Email Account tab.

4. Read the instructions carefully and enter the "Email address" and "password" in the "Add New Email" section and click on "Add" button


5. These steps include the set up of your computer’s email client and these email addresses can be used once you have created them.

  • These Email accounts are POP3/SMTP and Exetel does not provide IMAP.
  • The capacity of each mail box set up by the user is 40 megabytes of storage and the maximum email size that can be sent or received is currently 25 megabytes. Always ensure that you have enough capacity to receive emails.
  • the maximum attachment size is approximately 12 megabytes.
  • Exetel email service is NOT a suitable method for either permanently storing email messages or for sending large files (which is why almost all email servers have limits lower than the 25 megabytes currently in operation at Exetel) and if someone sends you a large email it may be 'bounced' if there is no enough space in your mail box. If you need to exchange large files with others please use FTP (which was specifically designed for this purpose).
  • Not surprisingly there are a significant and growing number of email accounts that have been set up and either not used at all or used and then abandoned although they often continue to 'collect' SPAM.
  • If you want to keep records for long periods of time you will need to download your emails from the Exetel servers to your PC. Exetel maintains a 'house keeping' process that is running at the end of each month and performs the following functions:
  1. Deletes all accounts that have not been used for more than six months.
  2. Deletes any individual email message on the server that is more than three months old.

How do I access my email account?

You may access each exemail account via the webmail facility located on the Exetel web site or from your members facility. You can access your email account from anywhere in the world.

  • Enter the Name and Password.



Username:yourmailbox@exemail.com.au (NOT@exeTEL.com.au)

Password: yourpassword

  • Click the Login button.

Spam Filter

Is there any charge for spam filtering?

Yes. The charge for spam filtering is $2 per month.

How can I add an email address to spam filtering service?

Please follow the following steps to add an email address to spam filtering service.

1. Go to Member Facilities area

2. Click Manage Services - Email option.


3. Select My Email Account tab.

4. Click on the Add button under the Spam Email Filter column.


5. Fill the Spam Email Filter Configuration and click on the Add button.

My Exemail/Webmail account canceled several months ago, but I have been charged for the Spam email filter. Can you refund?

Please visit our refunds section for more information on refunds for spam filter after canceling exemail account..

Exemail Troubleshooting

Why can't other people send me emails?

If others can't send you emails, : please check the incoming email server is properly set to pop3.[sate].exemail.com.au

Service Cancellation

How can I cancel the exemail service?

Please visit Service Cancellation page for specific information on how to cancel your exemail service .

Can I keep an Exemail/Webmail account after the service cancellation and when will I be charged?

Yes. You can keep your exemail service after cancelling your ADSL./Mobile Broadband service. When you cancel the service via Members Facilities area, there is an option given to keep the exemail account. If you choose this option, your exemail accounts will be active for another six months from the date service is canceled. You will be charged $30 on next billing run.