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Fax to Email

What is Fax to Email?

Fax to Email is the ability to have an incoming fax received into your email inbox.

How do I send a Fax to Email?

Fax machines cannot send directly to an email address. They can only send to a number they recognise as a standard fax number. In order to receive a fax into your email inbox, it is necessary to trick the sending fax machine to think it is sending to a standard fax number.

To trick that sending fax machine, a “fax to email” number must be ordered and then that number must be configured to a receiving email address. It is a 2 step set up process. Firstly ordering a number and secondly configuring a forwarding email address to that number.

Applying for Fax to Email

1. Go to Members Facilities area.

2. Click Order Services - Fax option.


3. Select the Fax2Email option.

4. This will display the Fax to Email Online Order Form.


5.In the Location box, select your city or the city that is closest to you.

6. In the Number Selection box, select any number. This is actually a VoIP number which will become the “fax” number which you will supply to your contacts who send you faxes. Technically it is your Fax over IP number (FoIP).

7.You then need to supply a forwarding email address for this FoIP number. This is the email address that will receive an incoming fax. It can be your usual email address.

8. Tick the radio button for I Agree option if you are agreed with the given terms and conditions.

9. Click the Confirm Order button.

Managing Fax to Email Number

How much does it cost to have a Fax to Email number?

It is free of charge

Receiving a Fax to your Email Inbox

Once the ordering of a FoIP number and forwarding email address is configured, you simply supply the FoIP number to your contacts who need to send you faxes.

Any faxes sent will be received into your email inbox.

Why do I receive a blank or half page of the fax?

Main reason is that the fax to e-mail facility is subjected to quality variations which is why there is blank/half pages. These are intermittent issues and probably with supplier’s infrastructure and the receiving party.