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How do I know if I can receive a Fibre service from Exetel?


Plan Details

Activation Times

How to apply for Fibre Broadband

Plan change / Relocation / Churn

How can I change my plan?

You will be able to change the plan via Member Facilities area in the near future. At the moment our provisioning staff handling changing plans for Fibre service. Email if you need any assistance and within three business days they will reply.

Is it possible to relocate my new Fibre service?

You need to cancel the service and switch to a new connection before moving from one provider to another, but as this service still in the trial status we have not defined such a relocation process yet.

How long does it take to transfer the Internet service from another provider to eXeTeL Fibre service?

It will take one business day for the special eXeTeL process to transfer the existing Internet connection from the current provider to eXeTeL and migrate your ADSL service to Fibre.

What will happen to my existing Telephone service (on a copper telephone line) when the Fibre is activated?

The copper telephone line will be disconnected and your phone service will be transferred over to the new Fibre.

Will there be any down time for transferring my telephone line from copper to Fibre?

Yes, there is an expected down time and it could vary from 2 minutes to 24 hours.

Will my telephone number change?

No, your telephone number will not change.

MODEM, Media Converter and other equipments for Fibre

What are the equipments supplied by eXeTeL and what is the cost?

Our suppliers provide the necessary equipments in order to access the Fibre network. There was no cost before the 30th of June this year, however the install cost will be a once off $100 after this date for Telstra, $150 for Opticomm and NBN Tasmania. NBN Tasmania may be higher if the ‘build drop’ is not in place.

I have more than two computers at home and need to share Internet simultaneously. Can I do this with a standard Fibre MODEM comes with the service?

The Optical Network Terminal (ONT) located within the property by default can have up to four Ethernet ports to use for connectivity. If you cannot connect all devices directly to the unit, you can connect a wireless/LAN router to the ONT to perform this task.

What are the equipments required for an active Fibre service?

Customer does not need any equipment except a direct connection to the Internet. The ONT (Optical Network Terminal) provided has an Ethernet Port to directly connect to the Internet. To manage their Internal network, a customer will need to source a router that has both a WAN and LAN port(s). ADSL2 MODEM/Routers will not work for the purpose of connecting more than one PC through to the ONT.

  • Telephone service
  • ONT - Optical Network Terminal which will be installed by a technician after you place an order.
  • Ethernet Router


Is there any Service Level Agreement (SLA) in place?

The services are provided on a 'best effort' basis with respect to up time and provisioning. If a service is faulty or activation lead time has passed normal parameters we will endeavour to solve the problems as quickly as possible.

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Is there any additional wiring work required?

Your home has been cabled in accordance with PTC 106 and the jack points have been installed either to your requirements as the builder or to the developer's specs during construction. If you would like additional outlets installed in your property, any certified structured cabling technician should be able to do the work for you.

Can I still use Dial-Up Internet?

No. Your old analogue MODEM will not operate in your Fibre connected home.

What changes will be made to the property before going ahead with the order? I live in a rented property, so do I need to seek permission from the owner/landlord before these changes?

Yes, ONT will need to be installed inside the premises. If the Telstra technician found more than TWO DISTINCT telephone services then the ONT will be installed outside and a socket installed on the inside.

If you have rented the property, as per norm will need permission from the landlord.

PSTN Service

Can I still use my existing PSTN with the Residential Fibre plans?

It is physically possible to use the existing PSTN service continuously with Fibre as they are connected of different mediums. If both are available at your place of residence, it is possible for example to have Telephone on PSTN and Data on Fibre or vice versa.

Can I use Fibre services without a PSTN service (Naked Fibre service)?

If you are using Telstra infrastructure, you need a PSTN in order to validate qualification. If you are using NBN or Opticomm, you do not need a PSTN service.

Do I need a PSTN service initially to have your fibre services?

You will need a PSTN service for the Telstra Fibre services but not for the Opticomm/NBN Tas, as an address qualification will be done.

My telephone has no dial tone and Internet does not work. What should I do?

Make sure the Telephone line is fully working as it is essential for proper functioning of the Fibre connection if you are using Telstra infrastructure. So that, contact the Telephone provider to check the land line.

How the changes made to the telephone line affect on the Fibre service?

For Telstra:

Optic Fibre connections will be lost due to ANY changes made to the telephone service. The method that Telstra actions on a telephony service is quite complex that generally make an Optic Fibre (Telstra) service inactive. With all Optic Fibre services there is coding on the telephone line that allows for a connection to be operational, if Telstra or your telephone provider makes any changes to a telephone line they would first "turn off" the phone service. Once a phone line is "turned off" the programming that allows for the Optic Fibre connection to operate is wiped out and un-restorable. The only way for eXeTeL to restore the service is lodge a new application through the supplier, if such cases occurs or happens contact eXeTeL and inform the Provisioning department. It important to understand that it is not eXeTeL responsibility or fault that such a case occurs but the owner of the telephone line or your telephone provider. Before any changes are made to your telephone line it would be best to contact our Provisioning department. Here are some examples that would cause the Optic Fibre service to drop:

  • Unpaid telephone bills
  • Change of account holder on the telephone line
  • Telephone line moved to another address, despite keeping the number this will not allow for the ADSL service to continue working
  • Change of telephone number
  • Change of Telephone carrier

For NBN and Opticomm

Unlike the Fibre service provided by Telstra, any changes made to the telephone would not affect the Opticomm or NBN Fibre service.