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Fibre Broadband > Fibre - NBN Sales Information


How do I check Fibre Broadband availability via NBN?

The Fibre Broadband (NBN) application form will have a qualification tool to confirm your postcode and address where fibre access points are located around estates nationwide.

Visit for availability check.


What are the prerequisites to obtain fibre broadband services via NBN?

In order to obtain Fibre Broadband services via NBN, there needs to be fibre laid to the residence.

Is an active telephone line required to sign up for Fibre Broadband via NBN?

An active telephone line is not required to sign for Fibre Broadband service via NBN.

Plan Details

What are the available speeds for Fibre Broadband through NBN?

Speeds achieved on Fibre services via NBN can be as high as 100Mbps download, up to 40Mbps upload. Naturally speeds can vary depending on accessing files locally or internationally.

  • Maximum speeds: 12Mbps Down/1 Mbps Up
  • Maximum speeds: 25Mbps Down/5 Mbps Up
  • Maximum speeds: 25Mbps Down/10 Mbps Up
  • Maximum speeds: 50Mbps Down/20 Mbps Up
  • Maximum speeds: 100Mbps Down/40 Mbps Up

What are the currently available Fibre Broadband plans via NBN?

To find details about currently available Fibre Broadband plans via NBN please visit .

Activation Times

How long does it take to activate a Fibre Broadband connection via NBN?

If ONT is installed, it would take 2 business days to activate Fibre Broadband connection via NBN.

If there is no ONT installed, the customer will be contacted and the ONT would need to be installed. Therefore the activation time depends on the completion of the work at the premises.

How to apply for Fibre Broadband

How do I place an order for Fibre Broadband service via NBN?

You can order Fibre Broadband service via NBN from - .

What is the activation process for Fibre Broadband service via NBN?

Please visit Fibre Provisioning page to find the activation process for Fibre Broadband service via NBN.

Plan Changes via NBN Fibre

How can I change my fibre broadband plan?

Now you can change over to one of the newly available fibre broadband plans through your member’s facility.

Go to Manage services >> ADSL/Fiber >> Change service section.

How long does it take to change fibre broadband plans?

Fibre broadband plan change will come in to effect with your next billing cycle.

How much is the plan change fee for fibre broadband?

Plan change fee will be displayed in the member’s facility. This fee will change from time to time.

Is there a downtime for my current internet connection when I change my fibre broadband plan?

There is no downtime for fibre broadband plan changes as it will be an automated process.

Will I be on a new contract when I change my fibre broadband plan?

Yes. There will be a new contract, whenever you change the plan

If there is a change in fibre broadband speed, when would it take place?

Speed will change within 2-3 working days after the plan change effective date.

Relocation / Churn

Can I Relocate my Fibre Broadband connection?

As Fibre Broadband service via NBN has been recently introduced there is currently no relocation process, however this is due to change in the future. If you wish to relocate your service, you may have to cancel the existing connection and sign up as a new customer at the new address, provided that the residence is Fibre ready .

Can I Churn/transfer my Fibre Connection?

At this stage there is no churn or transfer process for Fibre Broadband services with NBN.


Is there any Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Fibre Broadband services?

Fibre Broadband services are provided on a 'best effort' basis with respect to up time and provisioning. If a service is faulty or activation lead time has passed normal parameters we will endeavour to solve the problems as quickly as possible.

How long is the contract period for Fibre Broadband services via NBN?

Fibre Broadband contract period depends on the type of plan that Exetel provides, so there are different contract periods.