Fibre Installation Process

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Installation of ONT from the lead in cable

Once your order has been confirmed, our suppliers will then begin the process of ensuring Fibre is connected to you. Once confirmed the above diagram demonstrates the cabling the technicians will be provisioning. You will be contacted to organize a time for this cabling process as you must be at your premises.


Process of Activating Fibre Service


Installation of the ONT Optical Network Terminal

As the last step the technician will supply and install the Optical Terminal Network (ONT) to your premises. The next step (which is usually an option, Exetel is offering as standard) As part of the installation of the ONT, the technician will also install a Battery Back-Up Power Supply Unit –in the case of any power outages this will ensure the resident can still make and receive calls. It is the residents’ responsibility to provide an internal domestic AC 240V socket-outlet for the Power Supply Unit, as well as the battery. The battery must comply with the following specifications: 12V 7.0-7.2Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery (6 Cells)


  • It is the responsibility of our supplier’s technician to install the Fibre service up until the (NBP) Network

Boundary Point. However, if the technician is unable to access the lead-in cable (blockage due to concrete/other materials).

  • Then the order may be on hold and further charges may be applicable if additional work is required to access.
  • The conduit to complete installation of the Fibre service.