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What is Exetel's Free Web Hosting?

Free hosting is the free web space provided by Exetel for the customers who have signed up for the internet (ADSL, Fibre Broadband) services. The maximum allocation of this free web space is 200 MB. You can apply for the Free hosting service via the Member facilities area on the Exetel website and activate this service instantly.

Domain name is free and your Web Space Name will be displayed as a sub domain of Exetel web site (

Is there a cost to have free hosting service?

No, free hosting is a free service that comes with our Exetel ADSL/Fibre/Mobile Broadband services.

How do I register for Free Hosting Service?

You can activate your free hosting service from members facility by following these steps.

1. Go to Exetel web site.

2. Log in to the Member Facilities area using your User name and the Password.

3. Go to "Manage Services" and click on Web/Blog setup.


4. Select Web Space Configuration option.

5. Click the Add Web Space button at the top of the page.


6. Fill the application and click the Add button.


7. An account will be generated and notification will be sent to your contact email address.

How could I use my free web space?

Please visit How to Set up a Website page to find guidelines on using your free space and uploading your free website.

How long does it take to activate free hosting service?

Once you've applied for the free hosting service through the user facilities it would be activated instantly .

What is the size limit and capacity of free web hosting?

The free web space capacity is 200MB.

Am I able to increase the usage limit of free hosting service?

No, it is not possible to increase the usage limit of free hosting as it is a set limit of 200MB. If you wish to increase the size then you need to apply for paid hosting service.

How can I determine the amount of free web space that has been used?

Email to know the amount of free web space that has been used.

What are the Hosting Servers?

Exetel hosting servers are based based on Linux.

  • Apache 2.2.9 (Debian)
  • php 5.2.6
  • mysql 5.0.51

Can I get web stats for free hosting service?

We do not provide web stats for free hosting service .

How does Copyright Law affect free hosting

If there is any copyright material included in your web space that will be removed according to the copyright law. But you can still make a request to prove that the content is legitimate by sending an email to as follows;


Subject: Please allow directory for media storage

ADSL Line Number:

Webspace Name:

I advise that I am the copyright owner, have permission of the copyright owner or that there is no copyright on the files I will place in the above directories, and therefore request they be exempt from automatic deletion.

Why do my media files keep getting deleted from my free web space?

- Exetel has since it began offering ADSL services taken a hard approach to copyright issues; where we believe there is a clear violation of copyright content has been deleted, and in a few cases, directories blocked and 'frozen' pending further investigation by the appropriate law enforcement agency.

- Based on the MIPI's actions in March 2005 aganst another ISP (People Telecom) and the actual finding guilty of a second ISP in July 2005 (ComCen), Exetel now believe there is a need to take more direct and pro-active action to monitor content stored on publicly accessible servers under its control.

- Effective from 1st April 2005 scripts will be run nightly that will examine all disk content and delete any multimedia content with the extensions mp3, mpg, mpeg, avi, wma and any other multi media file type. Customers wishing to host files with these extensions need to do the following:

1. Email and request to be excluded from the scan script.

2. State that you agree you are the copyright owner, have permission of the copyright owner or that there is no copyright on the material you want to store.

You can use this text as a template.

Does Exetel assist with setting up free hosting facility?

Yes, Exetel Support staff can guide you with setting up your free hosting facility

How is the technical support for free hosting?

You can always get answers for your questions on free hosting service from others in Exetel online community forum (

Sending an email to is recommended for the issues that you can't find any solution. Based on the type of issue we will respond to your email inquiry within one business day.

Who do I contact if I have problems on free hosting?

Depending on the type of problem you're having you may email

If the problem is with in the way you've set up the free hosting website Exetel engineers will try to help you in resolving the matter but in the meantime it would be best to go to Exetel forum for further assistance.

What are the terms & conditions for free hosting?

For information on terms and conditions for free hosting, please visit

Would I be able to keep the free hosting service after ADSL/Mobile Broadband/Fibre service has been canceled?

You can continue the use of Free Hosting Service by paying AU $ 45 six months subscription even after canceling the ADSL account and it takes nearly one month to remove the Free Web Space after canceling the ADSL account.

If I cancel my ADSL how long will it take to remove the free hosting service?

It normally takes one month to remove free hosting service after you cancel your ADSL service.

I wish to move my free hosted service to another account, how can I do this?

You are required to email in order to move your free hosted service to another account

How do I cancel the free hosting service?

Please visit Service Cancellation page for specific information on canceling your free hosting service.