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What is Global (International) Roaming?

Global roaming gives you the ability to use your mobile in more than 170 countries – as easily as you do at home, day or night.

Importantly, your mobile number doesn’t change, which means your contacts can call you without having to remember another number. Depending on their overseas carrier, they may still be able to screen their incoming calls and divert those that they don’t want to answer to voicemail.

The service is available as a result of international connect agreements between mobile carriers. Call charges for both making and receiving calls are expensive for this reason. This should be a major consideration when deciding to have the feature enabled when you travel. If it is enabled, it is also advisable to use it sparingly.

Does Exetel Offer Global (International) Roaming?

Yes. Global roaming can be enabled in order to make calls and SMS’ but it is disabled for data access. This is done from your Exetel members facility .

How do I Activate Global Roaming?

You can activate global roaming via your secure Exetel members facility.

Once logged in to the Members Facility,

1. Click on 'Mobile ' >>>>> 'Global Roaming'

2. Click on 'REQUEST/UPDATE' to select the Start and the End date for the global roaming service .


3. Click on 'OK' once the following prompts up.


4. You may select the preferred Start date and the End date and the click on 'REQUEST'


5. If you wish to Withdraw the request, Click on "CANCEL REQUEST"

6. Click on 'OK' once the following prompts up.

7. Click on 'CANCEL REQUEST' to withdraw the request




8. Upon the activation, If you wish to disable the Global Roaming before the end date click on 'REQUEST/UPDATE'

9. Amend the require end date and click on 'REQUEST'


How does Global Roaming work?

This is how Global Roaming works.

Upon switching on the mobile in a foreign destination, most phones will automatically select one of our Roaming partner networks. In the instance that this does not occur, you should manually select from the available network list – each phone is different so it is important that you have access to your handsets manual for instructions on how to conduct a Manual Network Selection.

Once connected, the name of the network will appear on your handset and a triangle symbol will appear on the screen to remind you that you are roaming. The phone is then ready to use. Calls can be made and received from your Australian mobile number as normal.

How do I make calls whilst Roaming?

To make calls whilst roaming see the instructions below.

  • Local Calls: To make a local call within the country the customer is visiting, dial the local number.
  • National Calls: To make a national call within the country you are visiting, dial the area code then the number.
  • International Calls: To make an International call, dial + (* key twice on most handsets, otherwise press and hold the 0 key), then the country code, area code and number. By adding + your phone will automatically dial the international access code for the country you are in.
  • Calling numbers in your contacts list: Reminder that numbers in the contacts list will need to be in international format for them to be usagble when roaming i.e. Jo Bloggs

+614123456789. Dialing 04123456789 the call will fail.

When a call is made whilst Roaming, the customer will be charged the applicable roaming rate according to the country that they are in, when they originate that call.

How do I receive calls whilst Roaming?

To receive calls whilst roaming see the instructions below.

  • From Australia:

Callers from Australia simply dial the customer’s mobile number – just as you would if he/she were in Australia. When someone calls a roaming customer from Australia, they will be charged the normal cost of a call to a mobile phone in Australia, as per their carrier rates. In addition to this, when the Exetel sim holder customer receives a call, he/she will be charged the applicable call rate to receive the call according to the zone they are currently in. To reduce incoming call costs the Exetel sim holder customer may wish to set an unconditional diversion to VoiceMail or SurePage.

  • Calls from Overseas:

Callers from overseas still need to call you as if he/she were in Australia – even if the caller is in the same country as the recipient.

Is there a deposit for Global Roaming?

There is no deposit for Global Roaming. However, there is an interim billing threshold of $100. When it is reached,an SMS and an email is sent that we are interim billing customer. If interim billing payment fails, Global Roaming will be disabled immediately.

What are the charges for Making and Receiving Calls and SMS’ while Global Roaming?

Global roaming charges for both making and receiving calls and SMS’ are excessive. When you make and receive calls, you are charged a per minute fee applicable to the international call zone you are in. Here is the list of global roaming rates that Exetel charge:

Global roaming charges are charged in addition to any CAP plan you may be on.

What are the charges for Data while Global Roaming?

You are not allowed to use data services while roaming.

What are some tips to minimize Global Roaming charges?

To minimize charges when roaming, you can follow these steps.

Disable voicemail or request to have it disabled – you will not incur any incoming roaming call charges when your contacts leave unwanted or unnecessary voicemail messages. Having voicemail operable means you will be charged excessively twice. Once for the caller leaving a message and once again to retrieve the message.

If you must have voicemail enabled, set to unconditional divert before leaving Australia. Adhere to the tips on Voicemail whilst roaming below.

If you need to make calls, keep them very short. SMS preferably since you know the flat charge.

How does voicemail work whilst Roaming

The voicemail service will function in the exact same way for a customer roaming as for a customer in Australia.

What are the costs for using voicemail while Roaming?

Costs can be high for using voicemail while roaming. Be very careful

Normal diversion costs apply for a voicemail message to be left when an unconditional diversion to voicemail is set on the roaming phone. If there is a conditional diversion to voicemail set on your service, (eg. ‘no answer’ or ‘no reply’) then the call will try to find them; if the diverted phone is switched off, they miss or reject the call for example, then the call will divert back to their voicemail. In this scenario the call charges trombone and the roaming customer (you) will be charged for the call diversion from the Australian network to their overseas location, as well as a charge for the call to be diverted from the overseas location back to their voicemail in Australia for the duration that the caller takes to leave a message.

How do I access voicemail whilst Roaming?

You can access your voicemail whilst roaming overseas by calling 321 from your roaming activated handset, or by sending a SMS with 'A' to 321 for the voice mail system to call the customer's roaming activated handset.

Can I use Value-added Services when Roaming?

Services such as SMS and MMS are available whilst roaming in selected countries. They are activated when roaming is activated. Please email ( to query this.

What are the restrictions for using Global Roaming?

In Australia, we use GSM 900/1800Mhz and Dual Band 2100/1900MHZ networks. Some countries such as the USA use a different frequency (1700MHz/1900 MHz) so customers may need a tri or quad-band phone depending where they are travelling to in the USA. In the event of the customer not having a compatible handset, there are companies that provide handset rental facilities on arrival in the USA

How do I disable the global roaming option for my mobile service?

You can request to disable the mobile global roaming service via member’s facilities. There is an option of “update mobile global roaming service” under “Mobile” menu. Just simply click “change” button to turn off mobile global roaming service.