How to Set up a Website

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How to set up FTP services and host a website

You can set up FTP services and host your website by following below steps.

1. Go to

2. Download FileZilla.

3. Install this software and open it .

4. Click the File option at the top of the window. Then select the Site Manager option.


5. Click on the New Site button and type the name of your web site. (e.g.:


6. Fill the following fields:

  • Host – The Web host stores all the pages of your website and makes them available to computers connected to the Internet. This is similar to your web address. (e.g.:
  • Port – Port No is similar to Telephone No that you can be contacted by a certain number. When a computer has a port number you can make contact only with that computer. Port number is a way to identify a certain process to which the Internet or another kind of network message is being forwarded to when it reaches the server. Port numbers can vary and between 0 to 65535. (e.g.:21)

Note: Make the Port as 21 if you are not sure.

  • Select the Server Type from the drop down menu. (e.g.: FTP, SFTP...etc)
Give Server type as FTP.
  • Select the Logon Type from the drop down menu.
Give Logon type as Normal.
  • User – This is the User name given by the eXeTel
  • Password – Give a password to maintain more secure login.
  • Comments – If you have any other information type them in here.

7. Click the Connect button.


8. FTP window will be displayed with the File tree structures for your PC and the Remote server.

9. Drag and drop files from your PC directly to the Remote server .