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Installing Mobile Broadband Modem on Windows

Installing Mobile Broadband Modem on MacOS

1. Insert the HSPA MODEM (E160)into an available USB port on the PC, OS will detect the new hardware automatically as a removable storage device and install the drivers. Remove and reinsert the E160 MODEM if it is taking more than 30 seconds to appear.

2. This will open the Wireless BB window


3. Double click the Wireless Broadband icon to open the Installation window


4. Read the License Agreement -> Click the Continue button -> Click the button I Agree if you are agree with the given terms and conditions.



5. You will need to select the drive on which to install – in most cases you can just click on Macintosh HD and then click the Continue button.


6. Click the Upgrade button.


7. Enter the User name and Password -> Click the OK button.


8. This will start installing the software


9. You will receive confirmation once the installation is completed. Simply click on the Close once you receive this confirmation. This will automatically launch the client.

10. Once the client launches, you will be asked to type in the SIP code. Type in BROADBAND (All letters is capital) -> Click the OK button.


11. The client will be launched and detects the MODEM and SIM card.


12. You will see that the software has detected the MODEM and SIM card. The bottom left shows that it has connected to the Optus WCDMA network – this indicates you are now ready to connect. Remember it may also connect to HSPA or a slower network, depending on what coverage is in the area. Simply click on the Connect button. This will connect your PC to the Internet.



  • This is the procedure for installing a Mobile Broadband service onto an Apple Macintosh computer running MacOS and this does not apply to a MacOS machine running a version of Microsoft Windows, nor has it been tested on “Hackintosh” machines – ie. a PC running MacOS – however it is extremely unlikely you will ever come across the latter as this setup is not common.
  • These information based around a Huwaei E160 MODEM on a machine running MacOS X 10.4. The basic principles should be the same for an E160 MODEM running on any version of MacOS X from 10.3 upwards.
  • It is recommended that any previous Broadband software be removed from the machine before installation, as well as any references to the Huwaei software found in the “Applications” folder on the hard drive, as it has been found that some of this software can cause conflicts that may prevent our Broadband service from working correctly. Any “Internet Connect” or “Network Connect Utility” programs found in the “Applications” folder are not to be deleted – these have nothing to do with the Optus software, these are part of the operating system.