Keeping your Existing Mobile Number (Porting)

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Mobile Voice > Keeping your Existing Number (Porting)

What is a Pre-Paid service?

If you have Pre-Paid services, you need to pay for your call usage in advance and don’t receive monthly bills.

What is a Post-Paid service?

If you have post-paid services, you pay for your call usage in arrears and receive a monthly bill.

What is mobile number porting?

Porting (Mobile Number Portability) is the ability to move to another mobile service provider without changing your existing number.

How do I port to Exetel from another mobile network?

If you wish to connect(port) to the Exetel mobile service, simply order the service from our website, making sure to choose the port of service option. You will be guided to enter the details required for a port. Generally speaking post-paid services require account numbers while pre-paid use Date of Birth (D.O.B) .

Can I keep my existing number (port), even if it is a pre-paid mobile service?

Yes, you can port your mobile number to Exetel from a pre-paid or post-paid service.

What are the details required for mobile porting?

You need to submit following details if your are porting your mobile service over to Exetel.

  • If you have an existing post-paid mobile service with your current carrier, then we need your Account Number. This can be found somewhere on the bill you receive from your service provider.
  • If you have a pre-paid service with your current carrier, then we need your date of birth. This must match with the date of birth held by your existing carrier.

Why do you need my date of birth on the mobile application form when I am porting to Exetel?

If you have a pre-paid existing mobile service, the date of birth is required for porting. This MUST be the DOB that was used when the prepaid was taken out.

Why do you need my existing account number on the mobile application form when I am porting to Exetel?

Account Number is required if your existing account is post-paid. You will be able to find this on your bill.

What is the provisioning process of mobile porting?

If you are porting (transferring) your mobile service from another carrier, you will receive instructions with the delivery of the SIM card. This involves logging in to your secure Exetel members facility to instigate the port of service. Please follow the online instructions with care. Provisioning a port takes longer and is more complicated than a simple new number activation. It may take 3-4 hours. Please note, there are no ports of service done on a Sunday.

How long does it take to port my mobile phone number?

The porting process should take no longer than 3 hours. Usually 1-2 hours.

Same Network port (Optus/ Optus reseller to Exetel) may take approximately 24 hours.

Delays may occur if system issues are experienced.

Am I charged any fees to port my mobile number?

No, there are no fees charged by Exetel for porting your mobile number, however, there may be a SIM activation fee. You will also need to check with your current provider if there are any fees payable under your existing contract.

Am I released from my existing contract when I port my mobile number?

When you port your mobile number to another provider, you are still obligated to pay any fees due under your existing contract with your current provider. Porting your number does not release you from these obligations.

Are my addresses & mailbox messages moved with my mobile number when porting?

No, only your mobile number is ported to Exetel as the new provider. You will need to be issued with a new SIM, therefore any information stored on the current SIM is lost once your number is ported. You will need to move your addresses from your SIM to either the phone or use a SIM manager to move them to an alternative location. You will be provided with a new mail box, so existing voice messages will be lost.

Can I port to Exetel from my existing CDMA network?

You are able to port to Exetel from a CDMA network and keep your existing mobile number. You will require an Exetel SIM card and a GSM phone as the Exetel network uses a GSM network. A CDMA mobile cannot operate on the network Exetel uses.

Can I connect a CDMA handset if I port to Exetel?

You can port the CDMA number however you will need a new handset to be able to insert the SIM card as CDMA phones do not require SIMs.

Can I port a pre-paid number and still access the old SIM with unused credit?

No. Once the port is done, you will not be able to use the old SIM. The new SIM you receive from us is linked to your ported number. We suggest you use your credit up before porting to us (if you don't want to waste money) .

Can I have two different porting mobile numbers under the same account?

Yes, it is possible to port more than one mobile numbers under the same account.

When porting, how do I know when my new SIM is ready for service?

Your old SIM will lose service at some stage of the port process. You should know then to simply insert the new SIM and it should be ready.

How soon after porting my mobile number, can I make calls?

You can make calls immediately after porting your mobile number. In some cases you may need to turn the phone off and on to reset.