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Settings for SPA 3000 (voip). - Submitted by - Leigh S and added and edited by SteveG and Affinity

Hi all.

to those that have struggled with the SPA 3000. I got it working with the following :-

I did a full factory reset by removeing the Ethernet and PSTN from the unit, leaving just the power and the telephone connected. Dial **** on the phone. You should hear a Sipura voice asking you to enter your selection. Then dial 73738#. After following the promts, hangup so that the unit can reset.

Under Regional

set to australian dial tones

  1. Set Dial tone to: 400@-16,425@-16,450@-16;10(*/0/1+2+3)
  2. Set Second Dial Tone to: 420@-19,520@-19;10(*/0/1+2)
  3. Set Outside Dial Tone to: 420@-16;10(*/0/1)
  4. Set Prompt Tone to: 520@-19,620@-19;10(*/0/1+2)
  5. Set Busy Tone to: 425@-16;10(.375/.375/1)
  6. Set Ring Back Tone to: 440@-19,480@-19;*(2/4/1+2)
  7. Set Ring1 Cadence to: 60(.4/.2,.4/2)
  8. Set Ring2 Cadence to: 60(.3/.2,1/.2,.3/4)

Misc Settings

FXS Port Impedance: 220+820||115nF - This will match the units Impedance to the same as your line should be.

Adjust to Sydney TimeZone (optional, and no its not +10h either) Time Zone: +1100 Daylight Saving Time Rule: start=3/-1/7/3;end=10/-1/7/2;save=-1

Click on the "SIP" tab on the top menu.

Under RTP Parameters configure the following field. RTP Packet Size: 0.040

Under SDP Payload Types configure the following field. AVT Dynamic Payload: 96

Click on the "Line 1" tab on the top menu.

NB: The original IP address entry of for Exetel VoIP should no longer be used; instead, you should use

Under NAT Settings configure the following field. NAT Mapping Enable: Yes

Under Proxy and Registration configure the following field. Proxy: Outbound Proxy: Register: Yes Register Expires: 240 Use Outbound Proxy: Yes

Under Subscriber Information configure the following field. Display Name: VoIP Number (Supplied in the email) Password: VoIP Password (Supplied in the email) User ID: VoIP Number (Supplied in the email)

Also found the dial plan works but I need to modify it so I can do local calls without STD codes. A. Just add |<:02>xxxxxxxx|

(*xx.|000S0<:@gw0>|121S0|151­ S0|181S0|[2-9]xxxxxxxS0|0[23478]xx­ xxxxxxS0|0011xxx.|1800xxxxxxS0<­ :@gw0>|1300xxxxxxS0|13[1-9]xxxS0|<­ #0,:>xxx.<:@gw0>|xxx.)

Click on PSTN tab

Under Audio Config change Warn Outgoing PSTN Call:YES

Change Telstra Disconnect Tone: 425@-30,425@-30;1(.375/.375/1+2) Change Optus Disconnect Tone: 425@-30,425@-30;10(.375/.375/1+2)

FXO Port Impedance: 220+820||120nF PSTN To SPA Gain: 3 On-Hook Speed: 26ms (Australia)

A lot of the best setup and config can be found from here, or the forum that the guide was created from here.

The sipura unit is one of the most powerfull and also the most complicated. If you follow the guide above your setup and use of the unit will should be uneventfull.