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Exetel offers long distant calls via your current land line. This service can only be applied if you have a telephone provider with another carrier and not with exetel.

There are two methods of the service been applied on either with pre-select or over-ride.



What is a preselect wire line service?

Pre-select - Allows for eXeTeL to control all outgoing long distant calls.

Preselection is the provisioning of your PSTN or ISDN telephone service to capture long distance calls. This is done at the Telstra exchange. Once a service is preselected, any long distance call is routed via the preselected service deliverer (PSD) provider and billed by that provider. The call is routed by default .

Long distance calls include any national call to a landline, any call to a mobile service and any international call. It does not include local calls. Local calls are captured by the access service deliverer (ASD) or line rental provider.

Local calls can be captured and billed by Exetel if the override code (see below) is dialed.

What is an override wire line service?

Over-ride - A code needs to be entered before a call could make in order for it to run through eXeTeL.

An override wireline service is a PSTN or ISDN service provisioned so that a prefix code must be entered in order for the provider to capture and bill for calls. By dialling the prefix code, the call is LCR'd (least cost routed) to the provider of the prefix code.

Exetel’s override prefix code is 1428 for any customers in a metropolitan area (capital cities).

Exetel’s override prefix code is 1456 for any customers in a regional area (outside capital cities)

Customers may have their wireline service preselected with one provider and override with another provider.

This allows them flexibility of call routing.


What are the charges and rates for preselect and override services?

Our long distance call rates are competitive, you can compare ours to your current provider:

Visit http://www.exetel.com.au/v_national_call_rates.php to learn about the National call charges.

Visit http://www.exetel.com.au/v_international_call_rates.php to learn about the International call charges.

Is there any monthly minimum spend for long distance call services?

No with the long distant call service, there is no minimum monthly spend.

How am I charged if I call a person with a UK mobile who is on holiday in Canada?

In effect you are not charged any more than for a call to a normal UK mobile number.

You simply are charged for the call at the UK mobile rate as you would if that person was in the UK. (The recipient gets charged for a call diversion/forward rate from the UK to Canada.)

Does Exetel charge a line rental for long distance call services?

No. we do not charge a line rental for long distance call services unless you have ADSL2 wireline service with us.

You will continue to receive a bill from your Service & Equipment provider for this.

How do I know who is charging me for long distance calls?

Dial 12711. You will get a recorded message informing you who your long distance provider is.


I don’t pay line rental to Telstra. Can I still preselect calls to Exetel?

Technically you are able to preselect calls to Exetel even if you do not pay line rental to Telstra. You will need to check with your current Service & Equipment provider what their terms & conditions are. Most providers who just re-bill Telstra’s line rental charge will allow this. It is always safer to get your line rental charge ‘back with Telstra’. However, this can take up to 20 working days, that’s a calendar month. So this is a long time to wait. It is often quicker than that. Maybe 10 days or so. Dial 12711. You will get a recorded message informing you who your long distance provider is. When it’s churned (transferred), it will say Telstra is the provider. Then we can submit your application.

If Exetel pre-selects your number and you are not paying line rental to Telstra, it is possible that your number may be preselected back by your former provider. In this event you may find in their Terms & Conditions, that this is allowable. It may also be that our wholesaler does not have an interconnect agreement with that provider. To get your line rental plan back with Telstra, you should call them on 1800 884 209 and ask to churn your service to Homeline Part. It can take up to 20 working days –

I have a pre-paid land line. Can I preselect through Exetel?

No. You are unable to preselect to a network unless you are paying full line rental rates. This will cost you $60 to connect to Telstra’s Homeline Part line rental.

Could I apply for long distance if I am using the ADSL 2 bundled?

Yes you could apply for long distance service if you have ADSL2 bundled service, however it is recommended that you order the over-ride service instead of the pre-select as there would be higher costs if the pre-select service were to be applied over the bundled. The reason is because our long distant call service runs off a different supplier compared to the bundled wireline.

Can I keep my current telephone provider and still use Exetel long distance when I need?

If you want to keep your current telephone provider and still use Exetel long distant, please apply for an over-ride plan .


How do I apply for the long distance call services?

Information on ordering long distance call services can be found here: http://www.exetel.com.au/o_voice.php


How long does it take to activate the long distance service?

Pre - Select activation time: 7 working days

Over - ride activation time: 2 working days

How do I know if I am now preselected to Exetel?

Dial 12711. This is the long distance carrier check number.

You will get an RVA (Recorded Voice Announcement). What this message says will depend on which of Exetel’s upstream voice carrier’s your line is provisioned with.

The recorded message will say “Thank you for choosing Verizon Business for your long distance calls”.

Using Long Distance calls

What is the override code I should dial?

The override code is 1428 for metro areas and 1456 for regional areas

Can I just dial the override code and make a call?

No – you must submit your number specifically in order to use a network for override.

Could I also use the long distance service for local calls?

Yes you could use use long distance service to make local calls if you dial the override code (1428) for Exetel’s upstream carrier your line is provisioned for. If no override is dialed, you will be charged for the call by your line rental provider.

You cannot do this if you are already provisioned with Exetel’s ADSL2 wireline bundled service.

Does Exetel cap any long distance calls?

Exetel does not currently cap any long distance calls.

I like using Telstra’s capped rate in the evening between 7pm and midnight. Can I still preselect to Exetel?

You can pre-select to Exetel, therefore using us primarily for your long distance calls. If you were with Telstra before, you can simply use their override code of 1411 to make that long duration national call and take advantage of their capped rate in the evening between 7:00 pm and midnight. This has been clarified with Telstra who assured us that the capped rate can be accessed using this method no matter what line rental plan you are on.


What is the contract period for long distance call services?

You are not bound by any contract on the wireline pre-select service.

Do long distance call services carry any SLA?

No, as long distance call services are residential grade services there isn't any service level agreement.

Cancel Long Distance Calls

How can I cancel Long Distance Calls?

Please visit Service Cancellation page for relevant information on canceling long distance service..

I thought my long distance voice service was canceled when I canceled my ADSL.

No long distance voice service doesn’t get automatically canceled when you cancel your ADSL service. You must either call another voice carrier and churn your service to them or disconnect the physical line with Telstra (or your line rental provider). Failure to do this will result in continuation of the preselect wireline service with Exetel.