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How do I change DNS Settings in Mac OS X?

Please follow given steps to change DNS settings in Mac OS X.

1) Open System Preferences (either by clicking the icon on the dock or by clicking the Apple Icon and selecting it from the list).

1-mac dns.gif

2) Double-click the Network icon.

Image002-mac dns.gif

3) Double-click the connection you want to change DNS for. The connection you are using now will have a green light next to it. (In this example we will be changing the DNS on the AirPort connection.)

Image003-mac dns.gif

4) On the connection properties window, click the DNS tab.

Image004-mac dns.gif

5) Use the + or - symbols to add or remove the DNS servers your connection use. Servers will be used in the order they are shown on this list

Image005-mac dns.gif

We recommend using the following server addresses:


When you have finished, click OK.

6) Now you will be back at the Connection Properties screen. Click OK to finish.