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What is MoIP (Mobile communications over Internet Protocol)?

Exetel has developed an easy to use mini-app that can be loaded on to any data capable mobile telephone hand set. This mini-app allows a user to use MoIP (Mobile Calls Over IP) to make and receive mobile telephone voice calls at the lowest possible rates. The difference in call quality from most handsets in any place with a good mobile data signal is either minute or nonexistent. All calls between MoIP App handsets are free of charge. Additionally a user is able to nominate an Exetel VoIP landline number to call at no cost.

What type of mobile support this service?

You must have a data capable handset in order to download and use the Exetel MoIP App. For a list of data capable handsets, please Here.

What type of connection do I need to use MoIP?

A 3G or a WiFi connection

Does MoIP work for Symbian and SonyEricssons?

Yes, It works with Symbian phones but not with SonyEricson at the moment.

Does MoIP work with android mobile phones?

The Exetel MoIP Application is not yet available to purchase from the Android Store. However users are able to set up and use Exetel MoIP by downloading a beta version of Sip Agent which is free from the Android store.

After purchasing the Sip agent App a user must follow the guidelines below in order to use this App as the platform to make calls via Exetel MoIP.

There are 3 steps to this process:

1. Ensure you have an Exetel VoIP account (if not click here)

2. Purchase and download the Sip agent App

3. Configure the settings with your Exetel VoIP account

Purchase and Download the Sip agent App

1. Go to the android Store by clicking “Market Place” on the Android Phone 2. Search for “Sip agent”

3. Click Download to install on your phone

4. Enter domain server:

5. Enter your VoIP Number and the VoIP Password

6. Click Register

The application should then register and allow you to make/receive calls.

How can I order MoIP?

  1. Go to Members Facilities area.
  2. Click Manage Services – MoIP option.

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  4. Select the suitable option according the type of your phone. (Apple iphone/ Nokia Phone/ Android Platform) e.g.: Nokia Phone
  5. Fill the required fields and submit your application by clicking on the Submit button.

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Is there any problem about having bad reception on my mobile?

Yes, in order to work MoIP properly you need to have higher speed. The best is to ensure that your mobile has 3G receptions when calls are been made or received.

What are the call charges for MoIP service?

Visit to find about the charges for MoIP.

Do I require an Exetel VoIP DID to have MoIP working on my mobile?

Yes, MoIP only works with eXeTeL's DID.

Would MoIP work if my mobile is locked to a certain network?

The MoIP is enabled for WiFi and 3G coverage depending on which mobile handset you are using.

From where should I purchase MoIP for my iPhone?

You need to purchase MoIP for your iPhone through the iTunes store.