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Mobile Broadband SIM

My SIM card is locked, how can I obtain the PUK code to unlock my Mobile Broadband SIM?

To obtain the PUK code, you will need to contact our Provisioning department by emailing or calling 0280301000 / 1300 788 141 and by selecting option 3 .

Can I use a different SIM card (unused or obtained from another provider) to activate my Mobile Broadband service?

This cannot be done, you can not use another provider's SIM card to activate Mobile Broadband service provided by Exetel.

I lost my Mobile Broadband SIM, how can I obtain a replacement SIM card?

If you need a replacement SIM card, contact Exetel provisioning either by emailing or calling 0280301000 / 1300 788 141 and by selecting option 3 to obtain advise.

Can I use the Mobile Broadband SIM card in a mobile phone?

You can use your Mobile Broadband SIM card in a mobile phone. Please visit this page for more information.

Can I use the micro SIM with a USB modem?

Yes, you can use the micro SIM with a USB modem provided that the USB modem supports micro SIMs.

How can I change my SIM card to a micro SIM card?

You can apply for a SIM swap via members facility. There is a charge of $20.

Login to Members facilty.

Go to Mobile Broadband/Mobile -> Micro SIM Swap Status


Fill the necessary details and click on confirm order.


Mobile Porting

Can I port my Mobile Broadband number to an Exetel mobile service?

Yes, you can port Mobile Broadband numbers to Exetel mobile services, in order to do that you will need to place a mobile port application with us using your mobile number.

Visit to apply for this.

Fill in the details for Porting Mobile Telephony Service section


How long will it take to port my mobile number to your Mobile Broadband?

Porting from an Optus Mobile service to Exetel Mobile Broadband can take up to twenty four hours. Porting from another carrier (Telstra, Vodafone…etc) could take up to forty five minutes.

I Wish to port my Mobile Broadband number over to a different provider, how can I obtain my A/C number?

You can obtain your account number by contact Exetel provisioning department either by emailing or calling 0280301000 / 1300 788 141 and by selecting option 3.

Is porting possible only with Data + Mobile plans?

With the Mobile Broadband services you can port your current mobile number to Exetel's "Data + Mobile" plans only.


What is tethering?

Tethering is the ability to share an internet data connection with an internet or data-capable mobile handset.

The connection can be via a USB cable, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. For more information please visit:

Does Exetel support tethering?

Exetel will allow tethering but under strict guidelines.

  • Tethering is an opt-in service via the Exetel members facility. It is not enabled by default.
  • Warnings for the use of tethering must be agreed to before enabling.
  • The correct input of the APN (access point name) must be adhered to. These are outlined at the point of enabling Tethering.
  • If an incorrect APN is used, there will be severe implications in terms of high data charges which are payable by you, the customer.
  • Be warned, mobile data usage is charged at $1.43 per MB if an incorrect APN is entered and you consume data usage with your handset.
  • Exetel strictly takes no liability for any possible high data charges which may apply as a result of incorrect data usage.
  • Correct APN’s by handset and plan are listed at the point of enabling tethering.

Exetel provides an Opt-in to Enable Tethering

Before opting-on to enable tethering, customers must understand the possible high data charges that may apply if the APN is configured incorrectly

What are the APN’s that Exetel use for tethering?

The APN’s that Exetel use for tethering depend on your mobile device and mobile plan. Be advised the correct APN to use is in accordance with this matrix of plans.

You can find a list of APNs here

For more information on tethering, please click here

What are the applicable charges for Tethering?

The applicable charges for Tethering are given in the table below.

Plan Type Tethered Data Charge – Correct APN Tethered Data Charge – Incorrect APN
Inside Plan Data Allowance Over Plan Data Allowance Inside Plan Data Allowance Over Plan Data Allowance
Mobile CAP Plan “Free” up to data allowance limit 27.5c per MB excess data rate $1.43 per MB $1.43 per MB
Mobile Per Minute Plan 24c per MB or Bolt-On ‘rate’ 24c per MB or Bolt-On excess @ 20c per MB $1.43 per MB $1.43 per MB