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What is Mobile Broadband?

HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) or more commonly called Mobile Broadband, is essentially a collection of mobile telephony protocols that allow for improved utilization of the radio bandwidth. You are able to download and browse on the internet at high speed.

How does Exetel provide Mobile Broadband?

Exetel provides Mobile Broadband service via the Optus wholesale 3G mobile network. You may purchase a USIM/ Micro SIM and USB STICK to get connected.

The connection runs through mobile towers that provides Internet access either through a PC or through a mobile (Only works if the MODEM is enabled for HSPA and 3G) .

Visit for more information about our Wireless Broadband Service.

What are the mobile broadband services provided by Exetel?

Exetel provides two types of Mobile Broadband services:

Premium Mobile Broadband

  • Data and Voice
Can only be used for data (Internet use) access either through a mobile (browse Internet on a mobile) or through a mobile broadband dongle (Dongle plugs into the PC for use of the Internet). If the SIM is plugged into a mobile phone, calls can be made and received.

Standard Mobile Broadband

  • Data Only
Can only be used for data (Internet use) through an mobile broadband dongle (Dongle plugs into the PC for use of the Internet)

Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband

If you are an existing ADSL customer, you may order a pre-paid Mobile broadband plan via your Exetel Members Facilities.

What are the currently available Mobile Broadband plans?

Please visit the following links to find out the currently available mobile broadband plans.

Premium: -

Standard: -

Business Mobile Broadband -

Corporate Mobile Broadband -


What speeds can be expected on mobile broadband connections?

While the theoretical speed possible on mobile broadband connections is 7.2 mbps down, speeds are dependent on many factors but it is likely that most users will get practical download speeds of 2 mbps - 2.5 mbps in a location with 'perfect' conditions. Many eXeTeL/Optus HSPA users are experiencing speeds greater than these, 4.5 mbps in North Sydney for instance. These speeds will become more common and more widespread as Optus progressively upgrades the network to 7.2 mbps down and over 1 mbps up across Australia.

There are too many variables including distance from the tower, number of concurrent users accessing a particular tower and obstructions between the user and the tower for any estimate of speed or quality that might be obtained in any particular location at any particular time.

How fast is Mobile Broadband?

Mobile Broadband speeds will be changing time to time depending on the environment as well as the area. Although it is a mobile service that could be carried to any location, this can make the connection to be slower, dropping out or not even connect.

When checking the colour of the MODEM you can determine or know what you can expect on what speeds you would achieve:

Green – GPRS – 50kbps

Blue – WCDMA – 50kbps – 384kbps

Cyan – HSPA – 384 – 3.6Mbps

Generally the best speeds are often achieved in Sydney metropolitan areas and also closer towards the window.

Service Qualification Checks

How do I check service availability for mobile broadband?

You can check the available Coverage Maps on the Mobile Broadband section of our website.

For a more accurate service, contact (02) 8030 1000 (Sydney users) or 1300 788 141 (National) (These are VoIP numbers so eXeTeL VoIP users can call at no charge) OR email the residential sales department via to check the service availability. One of our representatives will perform a detailed search based on your address .

Will my Mobile Broadband service still work if I am in a GPRS (2G) coverage area?

Your Mobile Broadband service will still work if you are in a GPRS coverage area, however the speed of the service will be greatly affected to the point of dial-up like speeds.

I am within coverage according to the maps yet I am unable to obtain speeds that Mobile Broadband can offer, what is the reason?

The USB sticks that Exetel provide support both the 2100MHZ and 900MHZ frequencies for Mobile Broadband. Regional areas with a different shade of orange depict the 900MHZ range only that can be captured for Mobile Broadband use provided you have the supported hardware.

When I check with Optus, Mobile Broadband service is available however it’s not seen as available with you. Could you explain why?

There can be situations where Optus informing you that the service is available but still Exetel does not confirm availability. Please consider that we make our own judgment even if we are using the same qualification tool, when informing the customer whether or not there is adequate coverage.

Applying for Mobile Broadband Services

How do I apply for Mobile Broadband Services?

You can apply for Mobile Broadband service from links given below.

  • Standard Plans (Data)


  • Premium Plans (Voice & Data)

Visit for the Post paid services.

If you are an existing customer, you can order mobile broadband services from your members facilities area.

1. Login to Members Facility area

2. Select Order Services - Wireless Broadband option.

3. Select Order Wireless Broadband Post-Paid or Order Wireless Broadband Pre-Paid Tab.

4. Click on the order button for appropriate plan and you would get the order form.

How long does it take to activate my Mobile Broadband service?

New Mobile Broadband services take approximately fifteen minutes to activate. Once you have received the package, log into your newly created Member Facilities area by using your User Name and Password or contact our provisioning team to activate the service.

Does VoIP work with Mobile Broadband?

Yes, there are two methods of using VoIP with Mobile Broadband.

  • You will need a Router that supports VoIP and Mobile Broadband combined in one, the VoIP could be installed into the router.
  • Using VoIP through your computer via the soft phone.

Can I get a static IP address for Mobile Broadband service?

You can get a static IP address for Exetel's premium mobile broadband plans.

Mobile Broadband modem

How do I order a Mobile Broadband modem if I have not ordered one with the application?

You can proceed with any of the below mentioned two options to order a Mobile Broadband modem:

  • Withdraw the already submitted Mobile Broadband application (without ordering the modem) and apply again with a modem, by contacting the Exetel.
  • Activate the SIM only service that you have already applied and then purchase a modem by login to the Members Facilities area.

1. Go to Member Facilities area.

2. Click Mobile Broadband/Mobile - Order Wireless MODEM option.


3. Enter the Order Delivery Details and tick radio button to accept the charges.

4. Click the Confirm Order button.


5. Customer will be notified about your online purchase via email.

How long does it take to deliver the Mobile Broadband modem?

The delivery time of a Mobile Broadband modem would depend on how you ordered the modem.

If you applied through a new application - the day after the order date

If you applied through Members Facility - Any order by 10 am will be send directly from our premises to the customer on the same day

Is the Mobile Broadband modem locked/ unlocked?

The Mobile Broadband modems that Exetel sells are not locked.

Can I use a locked Optus Mobile Broadband modem?

An Optus Mobile Broadband modem could be used with an Exetel SIM, however it would be best to consult your previous provider first.

Am I able to use a Mobile Broadband modem from a different provider with Exetel?

As long as the Mobile Broadband modem is not locked to any particular network, it would work with Exetel.

Do Mobile Broadband modems support 64 bit OS's?

Visit to check the hardware comparison table on Mobile Broadband modem.

How do I share my Mobile Broadband connection with another PC/laptop/ipad?

Yes, you can share your Mobile Broadband connection with another PC/laptop/ipad. You would need to have a Router that is able to share the internet, it is best to check with a technician to find what suits you.

For example you can use something like a “HUAWEI E586 Mobile Pocket Wi-Fi 3G Wireless Hotspot” which supports up-to 5 users or you can use an ADSL router that allows you to connect a USB dongle.

Plan Change

How can I change my Mobile Broadband plan?

Please follow these steps to change your Mobile Broadband plan.

1. Go to Member Facilities area.

2. Click Mobile Change Plan option.


3. Click on the Request button of the plan you want


4. Click on the Submit button.


How long does it take to change mobile broadband plans?

Mobile Broadband plan change will come in to effect with your next billing cycle.

How much is the mobile broadband plan change fee?

Mobile Broadband plan change fee will be displayed in the member’s facility. This fee will change from time to time.

Is there a downtime for my current mobile broadband connection when I change my plan?

There is no downtime for mobile broadband plan changes as it will be an automated process.

Will I be on a contract when I change my mobile broadband plan?

Applicable contract term will be displayed in your member’s facility.


What are the terms and conditions for Mobile Broadband Service?

You can find the terms and conditions for Mobile Broadband Service from below links.

Pre - Paid

Post - Paid

What is the acceptable user policy for Mobile Broadband services?

Mobile Broadband Acceptable Use policy -