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Mobile Broadband Technology

How does the HSPA technology works?

The HSPA technology runs through a mobile towers to provide you with an Internet connection.

What do I enter for SP code?

The SP code has to be BROADBAND this has to be entered in capslock.

Am I able to use Mobile Broadband service on any 3G mobile?

Yes, however the mobile has to be unlocked. The setup of the mobile must also be done, eXeTeL is unable to assist with any mobile phones as we are not trained with this piece of hardware.

Does Mobile Broadband service work through the iPhone?

Yes, provider the phone isn't locked to any network.

Which service can use on the iPhone? (Voice + Data) or (Data)?

Both services would effectively work on the iPhone, however the Data service would only allow for an Internet service through the iPhone.

What is the PUK code?

You will need to contact eXeTeL to retrieve the PUK code.

Is Mobile Broadband service similar to Wireless?

No, both are different and have different technology.

Connection Issues

No lights flash on the USB MODEM

USB MODEM is not connected to a working USB port. Check if the USB MODEM is firmly plugged into the USB Port or check the connection of the USB extension cable if you are using one and also try another USB port.

I keep getting the error code 619 how do I fix this?

To fix this recheck the APN, it should be : exetel1 If there are still problems delete all the profiles and create a new one.

I keep getting the message Device has been disconnected or is Unavailable

To fix this unplug and re-plug the HSPA MODEM.

Yagi Antenna

Why my Yagi Antenna did not delivered with the Mobile Broadband MODEM?

You will receive the Yagi Antenna, one or two days after receiving the SIM/Modem as The Yagi antennas are placed as a separate order.

Can I ask technical support from Exetel to install my Yagi Antenna?

Exetel does not provide any technical assistance to install Yagi antenna. You will need to do this by yourself.