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You can find most frequenly asked billing queries and answers at Billing - General Information page

Are all my mobile calls itemized?

Exetel issues a fully itemized invoice for your mobile service. All the calls are recorded on number of hours/minutes/seconds and also the time and the date of the call made.

Is there an activation fee for Mobile Voice service?

Some mobile plans include an activation fee and some plans do not. You can find the relevant activation fee for your plan in the order form.

The applicable activation fee will be debited from your nominated bank account/credit card on the same day or the following business day you activate the service .

I have been charged for phone calls listed for previous month with this month's invoice. Have you double charged me?

The wholesale supplier has a timeframe of 190 days to bill on calls made. Hence, as long as the itemize calls in the invoices are within 190 days you are liable to pay.

Why are bank accounts/credit cards debited when a $100 mobile spend limit is reached?

Exetel has unfortunately experienced a few cases of fraud with mobile spending. In an effort to cease this, we have had to impose this spend limit. This is not a cap limit. It is simply a threshold that, when reached, your account is debited. If the payment fails then your service will be suspended. When successful payment is made, the service will be restored.

How do I cancel my Mobile service?

Please visit Service Cancellation page for step by step instruction on canceling a mobile service.