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Mobile Voice > Mobile Voice FAQs

Global Roaming

Information on our Global Roaming feature can be found here

Keeping your Existing Mobile Number (Porting)

Information on porting your number over to Exetel can be found here

General Packet Radio Service (GPRS)

What are the mobile phone settings required for a data connection (Optus)?

The method to input GPRS settings may vary by the manufacturer and the model of the phone. Usually the options to change the data connection settings are can be found at Settings -> Connection -> Network on your phone.

The details given below are for a typical example of a Nokia phone.

Connection Name - Optus (or anything)

Data Bearer - GPRS

Access point name - Internet

User Name - (none)

Password - (none)

Authentication - Normal

Note: If you are using an Apple iPhone the APN should be set as 'YESINTERNET'; For all SIMs for mobile services on the layer 3 service it should be 'INTERNET'. For more information on APNs, refer:Mobile and Mobile Broadband Email and APN Settings

Can I use a mobile voice plan with a broadband dongle?

No, you cannot use a mobile voice plan with a broadband dongle as the APN used is not a broadband APN.

Mobile Paging (SurePage)

What is Surepage?

A real person to take your calls

Optus SurePage is an alternative to Optus VoiceMail for those times when it is more appropriate for a real person to answer your mobile calls when you are unavailable.

Turning your phone into a pager

SurePage is extremely useful if you don’t have time to take a call or retrieve VoiceMail messages but have time to read a quick text message. So if you have your phone switched to silent, or you are in a meeting, you can read your messages as they come through, just like a pager.

A real person greets your callers

When you have Optus SurePage, a professional SurePage operator answers your mobile calls in your name or you company’s name, whichever you prefer. If your digital phone is in use, out of range, or switched off, callers to your number will be diverted to your SurePage operator to handle the call.

The operator takes a caller's message, which can be up to 160 characters long. This message is then sent to the screen of your phone. If your phone is not switched on, the message will be stored on the network, and attempted again when you are switched back on. Messages are kept for 7 days before being deleted.

How do I get SurePage?

You can request for SurePage to be setup on your phone, by registering for

How do I use SurePage?

To use SurePage you need to activate SurePage on your mobile account. If you didn't request SurePage when you connected your mobile, you can do so via the Exetel member's facility

After that, all you need to do is set your phone to divert to the SurePage service number (456). You can set diversions for when the phone is busy, out of range or turned off. You can also set all your calls to divert to SurePage, for example, if you are in a meeting.

Call Diversion on Mobile services

Call Diversion allows you to redirect inbound voice and data calls coming into your mobile service to another number in Australia or overseas.

How does Call Diversion work?

You may activate, change or cancel diversion settings directly through the menu of your mobile phone. Most handsets enable different diversions depending on the status of the phone – for example: all incoming calls, phone busy, phone off, phone out of range, phone unanswered.


A call can only divert twice before it will end in an engaged tone. For example:

Bob calls Jane's mobile number. Jane has her mobile phone diverted to Beth's mobile phone as she is in a meeting. Beth has her phone switched off, which is set to divert to Paul's mobile phone. When Paul does not answer he has a diversion set to VoiceMail. Result: If Paul does not answer his phone, Bob will hear an engaged tone.


What is an APN?

The APN stands for Access Point Name. It is a configurable network identifier required by a mobile device when connecting to a GSM network. It is required for data transmission.

What are the APNs that Exetel use for Optus?

Please click here to find the APNs that Exetel use.

Personal Hot Spot

How to set up Personal Hot spot on the mobile phone ?

Prior setting up Personal Hot spot on the mobile phone, tethering need to be enabled from the members facilities.

Once tethering is enabled you may follow the steps below in order to set up personal hot spot.

For iPhone 4

  • To set up the Hotspot initially - Press the home button then: Settings -> General -> Network -> Personal Hotspot (on/off)
  • To just to on/off the feature - Settings - > Personal Hotspot on/off

For Android

  • To set up the Hotspot Security & SSID: - Settings -> Wireless & Network settings -> Tethering & Portable Hotspot -> Port. Wi-Fi hotspot settings
  • To just to on/off the feature - Settings -> Wireless & Network settings -> Tethering & Portable Hotspot -> Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot (there will be a tick box to activate)

Missed Call Service

What is Missed Call Service (MCS) with Optus Mobile?

Missed Call Service ensures Pre-Paid and Post-Paid mobile customers never miss a call, even when they don't have diversions set. The Missed Call Service is currently offered to those customers who do not want VoiceMail. It is a default product that is enabled when customers cancel VoiceMail. Missed Call Service currently provides callers with the ability to send their calling number as an SMS notification.

What is the change to missed call service with Optus Mobile?

Commencing 1 December 2011, the missed call service will change to enable a short 10-second voice message to be deposited by a caller. This message will be converted to text and sent via SMS to the MCS user. Missed Call Service will continue to be a FREE service to users, however the caller to the MCS user will pay for the duration of the call i.e. treated as a normal voice call. All existing Missed Call Service users will have access to the new service. No migration or customer action is needed.

How to turn OFF missed call alert service with Optus Mobile?

Customers can dial 159 or SMS ‘OFF’ to 159 to turn off the missed call alert service with Optus Mobile

SIM Activation and Ordering Replacement

Information regarding SIM activation and ordering a replacement SIM cards can be found here