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Is there an activation fee for Mobile/Mobile Broadband?

Yes, there is an activation fee for Mobile/Mobile Broadband services and it may vary depending on the supplier and the plan. You can find the relevant activation fee for your service in the order form.

The applicable activation fee will be debited from your nominated bank account/credit card on the same day or the following business day you activate the service.

How do I update my current payment details ?

You can update the payment details of your mobile broadband service from your members facility area as shown below.

Mobile - Mobile Broadband PAGE 1.JPG

Mobile - Mobile Broadband PAGE 2.JPG

How can I change the invoice address of my Mobile/Mobile Broadband service??

Yes. It is possible to change the address of the Mobile/Mobile Broadband. However, previous invoice details will not be changed.Please contact regarding this.

Will mobile price or discount change if I cancel my ADSL service?

Prices and discounts on your mobile plan may change after canceling ADSL service and it depends on the plans. So please contact Exetel residential sales.

How do I cancel my Mobile/Mobile Broadband service?

Please visit Service Cancellation page for details on canceling Mobile/Mobile Broadband service .