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NB2 Basic Setup


Open the NB2 Home USB Modem box and you will find;

- 1 x NetComm NB2 CD

- 1 x NetComm NB2 ‘Home USB ADSL Modem’

- 1 x USB 2.0 cable

- 1 x RJ11 cable

- 1 x NetComm EM1100 Micro Filter

- 1 x Old Style 605 RJ11 Adaptor

- 1 x NetComm NB2 Home USB Home ADSL Guide


  • Insert NB2 Setup CD
  • Navigate to D:\ and double click on ‘autorun.exe’ (where D:\ is you’re CD ROM)
  • You’ll be presented with the orange coloured NetComm NB2 My Home USB ADSL Modem screen, and then click on ‘Install NB2 Drivers’
  • After about 5 secs, a Welcome screen appears. This is the NetComm DSL Setup Wizard.
  • Press ‘Next’
  • Then press ‘Accept’
  • Then select ‘Most Australian ISP’s PPPoE’ from the list box, as per page 10 of the Modem Guide. You are able to select ‘Most Australian ISP’s PPPoA’ too.
  • Then press ‘Next’ at the ‘Select Service Provider’ screen.
  • Then press ‘Next’ again at the ‘Ready to Install’ screen.
  • The next screen appeared which said ‘Installing’. This process takes about 60 seconds to complete. While you wait a progress bar appears.
  • You’ll notice the NetComm Home ADSL Modem ‘green’ lights both come on. The ‘PW’ light will be solid within 20 seconds. The ‘LK’ light will flash for about 90 seconds and then become solid.
  • Next a prompt on the screen asks you to plug the USB 2.0 cable into a USB slot on your PC, then about 20 seconds later a bubble notification on the bottom right hand side of your screen will say ‘Hardware detected USB WAN ADSL Modem’
  • This bubble will then disappear and another one appeared saying ‘New Hardware ready for use’ or something similar.
  • The next screen appears which says ‘Reboot’. Select ‘Yes, reboot the computer now’ and then click on ‘Close’
  • Your computer then reboots!
  • The NetComm NB2 Home ADSL Modem lights go out then comes back on. PW light then goes to solid with 20 seconds and LK light within 60 seconds.
  • A screen appears titled ‘Finished’
  • Click on ‘Finish’

You’ll notice 2 icons on your desktop, titled ‘DSL Status’ and ‘NetComm ADSL PPP Connection’.

You’ll notice an UP and DOWN arrowed icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen, and when you run my mouse over this icon it displays ‘DSL Modem Tx: 256 kbps Rx: 1536 kbps. (If you’re on a1536/256 ADSL connection of course).

Then click on the ‘NetComm ADSL PPP Connection’ icon on your desktop and enter your Exetel supplied (see below) USERNAME and PASSWORD.

Then tick the tick box ‘Save this username and password for the following users’ and ‘Me only’ is selected, which you can change to ‘Anyone who uses this computer’

Click on ‘Dial’, and the log in will finish within 10 seconds.

A bubble screen will appeared on the bottom right hand corner of your screen saying that you are now connected.