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NB5 Setup Guide -

Note: NB5s recently supplied free by Exetel with an upgrade to ADSL2 are likely to have a problem which causes them to hang after 29 hours online.

See this topic on the Exetel Forums for details, and if you are suffering this problem, see this post to download the firmware upgrade.

Here's the note from Netcomm on if your modem is one affected by this problem:

Make sure that your NB5 modem is a Rev2 modem by checking the sticker underneath the unit. Rev2 Unit will state “NB5Rev2” and the “F/W” will start with “2.A09NCT”

NetComm NB5 Setup Guide

Please open your ‘ADSL / ADSL-2* Modem Router’ user guide. This is an orange coloured guide that came with the NB5 modem.

Ethernet: turn to page 14

1) Open your web browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape for example)

2) In the address bar, type in

3) Await for the NB5 logon prompt to appear titled ‘Modem Access’

4) Input ‘admin’ as the username

5) Input ‘admin’ as the password

6) Press ‘Log In’

You have now logged into the NB5!

7) In the ‘Login Settings’ page, enter your Exetel supplied Network/ISP USERNAME and PASSWORD

8) Click on ‘Connect’

9) Click on ‘Save Settings’