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Official NB9W Setup Guide -

Note to all. Macintosh users. You may have difficulty accessing the modem with Safari or with MSIE; consider Mozilla based browsers. [1]

Basic (First Time) Set up

Step 1 – Getting Access To Your Modem:

1. Start up your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.)

2. Type in the following web address:

3. If you get a message that says the page cannot be found the some possible faults are:

• Computer is not properly connected to modem

• Modem is not plugged in / powered on

• Computer has a software fault

Fix the problem and reload the page otherwise contact Exetel support.

4. Enter the modem’s default User Name and Password, both of these are: admin


5. Click on the OK button

Step 2 – Set up Basic Functions:

6. Type in your Exetel supplied User Id, it should be in the format (where phone is your phone number including area code and state is your state’s abbreviation)

7. Also type in your Exetel supplied password.


8. Press the Save Reboot button.


9. Wait a little bit while the modem restarts.

10. When the modem has restarted you should see the following:


11. If the Line Rate (Upstream or Down Stream) is blank then your modem does not have a basic connection to the DSLAM at your local telephone exchange, contact Exetel support. The Line Rates shown above are normal for 1500 kbps, 512 kbps and 256 kbps connections, slower rates indicate either a bad/noisy wiring connection or possibly that you are 4.9 Km or more from your exchange. Contact Exetel support if you think you have a problem.

12. If the Default Gateway is blank then the problem is probably an incorrect User Id or Password. Try correcting these by clicking on the Basic tab and then the ADSL Quick Set up tab, correct the User Id and Password and finally press the Save Reboot button again. Otherwise contact Exetel support.

13. You should now have functioning internet connection. I recommend that you change the default password as this is a security risk, see the Advanced Set up for how to do this.

14. Note that the Software Version may be different to the one shown here. If you do not have the latest version, then I strongly recommend you obtain a copy from Netcomm as the modem will be more reliable, especially if you want to use VoIP. The Netcomm site has instructions for doing this, read all instructions very carefully as doing the wrong thing can permanently damage your modem. Make sure you have the correct modem as per the web page Latest Firmware. You can optionally navigate there yourself from

15. Make sure you backup your settings when ever you make changes to your modem. See further manual for instructions

Advanced Set up

Section 1 – Change the default password:

1. Click on the Management tab then the Access Control tab and finally the Passwords tab

2. Select the User Name: admin

3. In the Old Password field enter the default password: admin

4. Make up a new password that you can remember and enter it into the New Password and Confirm Password field.


5. Press the Save/Apply button

6. You will be taken back to the modem’s logon screen.

7. Enter the User Name: admin and your new password, you may want to tick the Remember Password option.


8. Click on the OK button, you should be taken back to the change password screen.

Section 2 – Advanced Connection Settings (required for VoIP):

9. Click on the Advanced tab then the WAN tab.

10. Press the Edit button.


11. Tick the Enable Quality Of Service option


12. Press the Next button.


13. Press the Next button.


14. Press the Next button.

15. Change the Service Name to something more meaningful such as: Exetel


16. Press the Next button.


17. Press the Save button.


18. Press the Save Reboot button.

Section 3 – Setting up Quality Of Service (required for VoIP):

19. Click on the Advanced tab then the Quality of Service tab.


20. Press the Add button.

21. Enter in the details as shown below:


22. Press the Save/Apply button.

23. You should now see the following screen:


Section 4 – Setting VoIP for Exetel (makes sure you have already done sections 2 and 3):

24. Click on the Voice tab then the SIP tab.

25. Enter in the details as shown below (note, enter the VoIP phone number supplied by Exetel into the DispName, VoIP Phone Number and Auth. ID fields, enter the VoIP password supplied by Exetel into the Auth. Password fields):


26. Note, if you only connect one phone to the NB9W modem, then you will need to alter the setting to reflect this. If your favourite pizza shop is not Dominos then change phone number in the field Emergency Number 2.

27. Press the Apply and Save All VoIP Parameters button.

28. You should now see the following screen:


29. If the Phone Current Status does not change (may take ½ a minute) to the above then go back to the Voice page. Check the phone number and password fields and other values are correct, then press the Apply and Save All VoIP Parameters button. If this does not correct the problem, then contact Exetel Support.