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ADSL setup guide for Netcomm NF4V

  • NF4v01.jpg

How to Log in to the Modem

  • 1. Open any web browser on the computer
  • 2. Type the below address as follows on the address bar of the web browser

Modem interface login address:

  • NF4v02.jpg
  • 3. Once the above address is being typed on the address bar press enter
  • 4. Then the below window will open prompting for a Username and a Password requesting authentication to log into the modem’s interface
  • 5. The username and the password which need to be added into the above box is below as follows
Username: admin 
Password: admin
  • 6. Once logged into the modem’s interface proceed with the below steps

ADSL Configuration

  • NF4v03.jpg

  • Please click on “Basic Setup” from the menu listed to your left on the screen


  • Then select the “Quick Setup”
  • Once prompted to the above screen select the “ADSL” mode and click the next button on the far right
  • NF4v05.jpg
  • Then select the connection type which is PPP Over Ethernet (PPPoE) and click next
  • NF4v06.jpg

In the following screen please enter the details which exetel have provided in the initial email sent when your service is activated.

Username: *********@nsw.exetel.com.au
Password: ***********
VPI: 8
VCI: 35 

Once the details have been entered to the relevant field please click the “finish” button and this completes the ADSL setup process.