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Transferred service & unable to connect

Summary - Service is transferring over to exetel from Telstra bigpond, the connection has been completed that it has moved over to exetel (To check if the service has successfully transferred over contact the provisioning department).

- Although the connection has transferred over it's still unable to get online, the status of the modem is showing that the connection is in sync and the ADSL light is online.

- Modem has been reset and reconfigured and still not able to get online or authenticate.

- The username and password has been tested at different locations and proved successful.


- If the case has been logged with exetel, inform the support personnel that the username and password has been tested at a different location.

- The problem is likely to be a coding error with Telstra in which exetel will require to lodge a case, the coding on the line will be reprogrammed and the service will resume to work.