Outlook 2013 Setup Guide

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Welcome to Microsoft Outlook 2013

Figure 1 outlook 2013.PNG

Click on the MS Outlook icon on your the desktop screen or start menu screen.

Please skip Figure 3 and Figure 4 if you are setting up MS Outlook 2013 for the first time.
Please skip to Figure 1 and Figure 2 if you are an existing MS Outlook 2013 user.
Figure 2 outlook 2013.PNG

Click on Next button in the Welcome screen.

Microsoft Outlook Account Setup

Figure 3 outlook 2013.PNG

Select Yes from “Do you want to set up Outlook to connect to an email account?”

Bringing up Account Information

Figure 4 outlook 2013.PNG

Click on the File menu from the left-hand side upper corner.

Account Information

Figure 5 outlook 2013.PNG

Click on Add Account under info menu in the left-hand side.

Adding an Account

Figure 6 outlook 2013.PNG

Switch the account type to Manual setup from Add Account windows.

Choosing Service Type

Figure 7 outlook 2013.PNG

Select the POP as the mailbox type.

Username,Password, Server Configuration & Password Resetting


Your Name: Name you wish to display to reciepeints

 Email Address: Your complete email adrress
 Account Type: POP3
 Incoming mail server: pop3.[your state].exemail.com.au
     :e.g. pop3.vic.exemail.com.au
 Outgoing mail server: smtp.[your state].exemail.com.au
     :e.g. smtp.vic.exemail.com.au
 User Name: Your complete email address
     :e.g. johnexetel@exemail.com.au
 Passward: Your email password.

If you are unable to remember the existing email password, please reset the password from here (click on Edit Password button).

Advanced Internet and Email Settings

Click on More Settings in the right hand-side bottom corner.

Figure 9 outlook 2013.PNG

Click on the Advanced tab and ensure the following.

 Incoming server port: 110
 Outgoing server port: 25
 SSL is not enabled.

Select whether you would like to leave the messages on the server under Delivery option.

Test Account Settings

Figure 10 outlook 2013.PNG

Outlook will test your email by login into incoming mail server and outgoing mail server by sending a test email.

Setup Complete

Congratulations! You have successfully set up the email account.

Figure 11 outlook 2013.PNG