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Please note that this article is meant for Residential customers. If you're a Business or a Corporate customer please contact our sales representatives or your account managers for assistance with port-in your numbers.

Can I Transfer or port a PSTN Telephone number so that it becomes a VOIP service?

Yes you can port a PSTN number to a VoIP DID. We can port from most carriers in Australia and we service all call collection areas

What is the process of transferring a PSTN number to VOIP?

Transferring or ‘porting’ a PSTN telephone number to a VOIP service number is a process which allows you to receive and make calls via your internet connection instead of using the analogue telephony network The process of porting means you are able to retain the same number.

What do I need to supply in order to Port a PSTN number to VoIP?

Exetel needs the wholesale account number (you need to ask your current provider) and of course the telephone number in order to Port a PSTN number to VoIP.

How do I apply for PSTN to VoIP?

Existing customers can apply for PSTN to VoIP using their member facilities and new customers can apply by contacting our Sales Team.

Must I apply to port PSTN numbers to VoIP DIDs when the plans are first ordered?

Not necessarily. It's important to note that regardless of whether it is an existing Exetel PSTN service or belonging to another provider, it is a 'port' (full transfer) of service. This takes 5-10 business days.

How long does it take for PSTN to VOIP porting ?

  • Porting individual/single number ports would be within 10 working days.
  • 100 number ranges and groups can vary however it usually takes upto 20 working days (This may change case by case).

Does the PSTN to VoIP process cost anything?

Yes. There is a once off $15 charge in porting your single PSTN to a VOIP Number.

My Telephone number is listed on the white pages, will this still be the case after transferring to VoIP?

Yes. PSTN (telephone line number) services once transferred as a VOIP number will still retain white pages listing status if originally the case.

How should I remove a phone number from white pages if it is converted from PSTN to VoIP?

You have to contact Sensis / White Pages Customer Care Inbound Call Centre number directly on 1800 810 211 or can email them at and request to remove the details.