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What is SHDSL?

SHDSL stands for Symmetrical High-speed Digital Subscriber Line. You can visit Exetel Web site to find more detail on High Speed DSL service .

Where can I find more information about SHDSL service?

For more information on SHDSL services, please visit :

or call corporate sales on Phone: (02) 8030 1040 OR Email:


What are the available speeds for SHDSL service?

Currently the available SHDSL speeds are:

  • 512/512
  • 1024/1024
  • 1536/1536
  • 2048/2048
  • 3072/3072
  • 4096/4096


Where is SHDSL available?

SHDSL service is available on Optus enabled exchanges as we use Optus for our SHDSL service.

What are the available SHDSL plans and prices?

Please visit for latest SHDSL plan details.

What are the prerequisites to obtain the SHDSL service?

To obtain an SHDSL service, a telephone line is not required and is only required to determine the MDF and for internal verification purposes.

What type of telephone connection is needed for the SHDSL service?

Telephone is needed only to confirm the address and to locate the MDF for SHDSL

Can I use a voice service on the same line as an SHDSL service?

No, you can not use a voice service on the same line as the SHDSL service.

I have an ADSL MODEM/Router. Can I use this for SHDSL?

It depends on the router Model , But we recommend CISCO and CISCO 878 router is given free of charge for SHDSL customers. (But the customer should return it if he is terminating the service).

What MODEM is recommended for SHDSL service?

CISCO 878 is recommended for SHDSL serivce.

Who is configuring the MODEM/Router for SHDSL service?

If an SHDSL customer needs the MODEM/Router to be pre configured we can configure it before sending or remotely.

Activation Process

What is the SHDSL provisioning process?

SHDSL Installation Process

  • Once the order has been received it is then submitted the following day to our supplier for qualification.
  • The qualification process usually takes anywhere between 5-10 days before our supplier confirms the validity of the order.
  • Once this has been finalized you will an update is sent in regards to 'cut-over' date information in the next 5-10 days.
  • A Cut-over date(usually called TCD -Telstra cut over date, on our records) is the date a technician will need to be on site in order to 'tag' the vacant copper pairs at the MDF (Main Distribution Frame). It is important that someone be on site and aware as this can cause delays to the order if the technician has no access to the MDF.
  • Once cut-over has completed and been verified, an 'appointment date/install date' will be advised in a further 5-10 day period. On this date, our supplier's technician will come out on site to install the equipment needed. Again, delays will be caused if site contact is not present.

How long does it take to provision the SHDSL service?

It takes around 20 Business days to provision the SHDSL service

What are the charges for withdrawing a pending SHDSL application?

You can find the charges for withdrawing a pending SHDSL application from the terms and conditions .

Plan Changes/Transfers

Is it possible to transfer the SHDSL service when we move our business?

Yes, you can transfer the SHDSL service provided that it is available at the new location.

How much does it cost for SHDSL speed upgrade or downgrade?

There are no additional charges for upgrades of SHDSL speeds. The customer only has to pay the new monthly charge. However, downgrading the service is not possible.

Service Cancellation

Are there any cancellation charges if I need to discontinue the SHDSL service?

Yes. If the SHDSL service is within the contract period there will be an early termination fee of the monthly service charge in to the number of months remaining in the contract.