SIM Activation and Ordering Replacement

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Mobile Voice > Mobile Voice FAQs > SIM Activation and Ordering Replacement

Activation of a Sim Card received

1. Logging to the mobile members section via the mobile login


2. Once logged in, you will see a yellow color background with details of your sim card that needs to be activated on the top of the HOME tab


3. Make sure the SIM serial number and the mobile number is listed properly

4. The SIM Serial number can be located at the back of the sim card

5. Once the details are verified, hit the ACTIVATE SERVICE button.

NOTE: Billing of your account shall commence once you have activated your service.

Suspension of a Sim Card

If your mobile phone is lost or stolen contact Exetel immediately on 02 8030 1077. Leave a message and we will place an administration bar on the service so no calls can be made or received. If requested, we can post out another SIM (at a cost of $20). When received, we can configure the replacement SIM to your service.

Requesting a replacement Sim Card

1. Logging to the mobile members section via the mobile login

2. Select Mobile Broadband/Mobile from the left hand side menu.


3. Select Micro SIM Swap Status and once you get the message "You have not placed a SIM Order request for this service if you would like to place a SIM Order, please click here" and continue


4. Select the relevant mobile service number and click on view.


5. Once you get the sim order form please select the correct sim type you require, complete the other details and submit.


NOTE: Delivery of SIM will on average take four business days