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eXeSMS Application

Using SMS

How many characters are there in a single SMS message?

One SMS is 160 characters in length.

What happens when I go over 160 characters in a single SMS?

If you go over 160 characters in a single SMS, it shall be sent through as a multi-part message so that it received as one continuous message.

What is a multi-part text message?

A multi-part message is multiple messages constructed to appear on the mobile phone handset as one message using non-visible headers within the following 160 set of characters to advise the handset to attach the message to the previous. The inclusion of the headers means that;

  • 1 part = 0 - 160 characters
  • 2 parts = 161 - 304 characters
  • 3 parts = 305 - 456 characters
  • 4 parts = 457 - 608 characters

What is the maximum amount of messages that I can send as a single SMS?

The maximum amount of messages that can be sent as a single SMS is 4 with a maximum of 612 characters.

How do recipients know I sent the SMS?

When you use Web SMS service, you can set the default sender to your mobile number and the recipient will be able to identify your mobile number as the source of the message each time.

eXeSMS application

What is the exeSMS Application?

eXeSMS is a Windows GUI application for the eXeTeL SMS API. It allows eXeTeL customers to send SMS messages without having to log into the Secure Members Facilities area.

Will the exeSMS Application be available on MAC?

Currently exeSMS for MAC has been planned but there is no concrete date for release. Though the application will be immediately released within the Members Facilities area when it is completed.

How do I use the address book?

The address book allows you to store numbers of friends/customers that are frequently used. You must first create a group name such as "Family." The second step is to individually add the name and phone numbers of each person you would like to add to the group.

How do I use the SMS templates?

SMS templates allow you to store frequently used standard messages. You simply create a template and give it a title. The templates will then be available. Every time you wish to send an SMS message on the right side of the message box.

What is API Access?

API Access allows you to use the exeSMS application. It also allows other developers to utilize the eXeTeL Web SMS Facility through their own interface. A more detailed explanation is contained within the "SMS API Document".

Can I have more than one API Access?

You can have multiple API Access account but this cannot have the same "username" and the "username" must not be already taken.

Does it cost extra to have API Access?

Registering for API Access does not incur any extra charges. You only pay for the SMS messages that you send.

What is SMS Gateway?

eXeTeL's SMS Gateway allows customers to send and receive SMS through their application, system, website or our interface. eXeTeL's Application Programming Interface (API) allows business clients to integrate SMS into their business software or website. Our HTTP API can be found here:

Residential customers do not require our API and can use the eXeTeL SMS web portal.

What is a Virtual Mobile Number?

The use of Virtual Mobile Numbers (VMNs) allows us to provide a return SMS function. These VMNs cost an additional fee of $20 a month.

They are to be ordered by the customer from their Members Facilities area.

Customer has to set the sender as their virtual mobile number. The recipient is then able to reply back to the message.

1. Go to Members Facilities area.

2. Click Manage Services – SMS option.


3. Select Order VMN option.

4. Enter the Forwarding Email Address and make necessary changes to Restriction to API account Access.

5. Submit registration by clicking the Confirm Order button.


What is an SMS Inbox for Mobile Virtual Number?

A Mobile Virtual Number (MVN) allows your customers/family/friends to SMS a virtual mobile number which will then forward the message to a selected email address. The message will also be available for viewing within your Secure Members Facilities area.

Does it cost extra to have an SMS Inbox for Mobile Virtual Number?

It does cost extra to obtain a Mobile Virtual Number. For exact set-up and monthly costs please email

How do I cancel SMS service?

Please visit Service Cancellation page for relevant information on canceling SMS service.